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Learning the Right Lessons to Succeed:

Think about it; did we stop learning when we were 5 years old? Of course not! All of us have gained a considerable amount of knowledge since the time we were 5. You might just get offended by this question and explain, “Of course I have learned, I went to school and college.” So, what about after college; have you been learning from your life lessons outside of the classroom? Well, maybe not, right? While a formal education can help us get an awesome job or help us succeed in our workplace, learning the right lessons to succeed (when learned properly) are what can give you happiness, good health, true love, and continual success.

One of the nerdy characters in Haruki Murakami’s book Norwegian Wood says, “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” Even though his idea seems to be very logical, we may not be able to relate to it. After all, we all read the same textbooks, watch the same movies and live in the same world. In spite of these similarities, why is it that some of us are more successful than the others? Observing your surroundings carefully, thinking practically and learning the right lessons from your mistakes is the crucial difference.

Yes, I know that the process of constant learning isn’t easy and takes complete honesty, acceptance of reality, and forgiveness. You need to understand that everyone learns at their own pace. Each person speaks a specific language, and everyone (when they have proven they not only want to change but are putting in the effort) deserves a second chance.

The moment you say “I am good at this moment and don’t feel the need to learn anything else right now,” you fail. You might not literally fail in life, but in a way, you might land up closing doors to a world of opportunities. Take my simple bit of advice: “Now that you are good, you should want to learn even more because life keeps moving. Since you are feeling good right now, your mind is relaxed and therefore open to new knowledge.”

Each one of us has a different idea of success depending on our upbringing, the environment we live in and circumstances. People succeed or fail because they learn different things from different situations. A financially-poor student studies because education is the only way out of his poverty; an overly ambitious student studies for the sake of coming first in exams and an enthusiastic student studies because he/she loves knowledge in every form. Of course, a disinterested student finds no reason to study at all!

When people fail, some learn from their mistakes and improve, some learn never to give up, some learn patience and some get scarred for life. Analyzing other people’s success stories is a good way to understand the mind of achievers. But it is also crucial to carve your destiny by learning from your failures.

Believe it or not, you will not make all the mistakes you expect to make, and when you do make mistakes, the sky will not fall down and the whole world will not stop from doing whatever it is doing to laugh at you.

When you finally gather the courage to ask yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you embark on the journey to triumph. It is important to find your motivating factor and keep trying hard to reach your destination. If you have the hunger for success, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

To conclude, I’ve put together some tips to help you to improve your willingness to learn in life.

  • Remember that the desire to learn will make your dreams a reality.
  • Meet people who inspire you. Surround yourself with intelligent people and learn from them.
  • Never cringe to take advice! Ask for other people’s opinions and listen carefully to their points of view.
  • Don’t be scared of failure; learn from it. There are many people who try hard to learn a lot, then fail, then get scared and stop learning. It is a mistake! All of us are going to face failure sooner or later. Turn that failure into the motivation to succeed, not into a reason to give up.
  • List down all your weaknesses and think about ways to resolve them.

Trust me; evolution is a beautiful thing. Never turn your back on learning something new. What you learn today could help you or someone else in any of your tomorrows.

The ultimate bit of wisdom is this: everyone defines success in their own way. And only by learning the right lessons can one succeed.

Did you like this article? Tell us how you define success and leave your feedback in the comments section.

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