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It’s not easy facing failure or even a let down in life. It derails you from a plan you’ve probably been making since you were a young optimist. Whether it’s your marks on an important test or even a professional set back, it affects the bravest and the most confident of souls. However, how you deal with that failure is what defines you as a person. It’s what sets you apart from the neigh sayers.

That’s why these people are legends today, because they rose above their setbacks

1. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

He was an average student, so much so that his marks were lagging one semester and the Dean of the institution threatened to revoke his scholarship unless he performed extremely well in his science project. That’s when he decided to stop obsessing over his mediocre grades and kicked his hard work into high gear, he kept his scholarship and went on to become a scientists and India’s 11th President.

2. Narayana Murthy

Have you heard of Softronics? Probably not. But have you heard of Infosys? Who hasn’t am I right? Well, both these companies have one thing in common, Narayan Murthy. Softronics was his first venture, which failed within a year and a half of it’s commencement. But he didn’t give up, he worked for Patni Computer Systems for 5 years and then set up Infosys with some other tycoons. Today Narayan, the father of Indian IT sector, is listed as one of the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time by Fortune Magazine.

3. Ratan Tata

That’s not a name you’d expect to see on a list like this, but it is an inspirational story. When TATA Motors released it’s hatchback, Indica, they faced a lot of slack for it, since the car wasn’t too well taken int he market. Tata decided to sell it’s car division to Ford, however due to some differences the deal didn’t go through. When Ford faced a huge backlash after their Jaguar-LandRover tanked, Ratan Tata came to their rescue. Tata Motors has long since become one of the most trusted brands for car buyers.

4. Soichiro Honda

Another tycoon in the car business is Soichiro Honda. Imagine Soichiro interviewed with Toyota Motor Corporation for a job as an engineer, however he was rejected. Instead of moping about Soichiro decided to channel his passion at home. He started making scooters in his backyard, his neighbours cheered him on and his perseverance has made Honda what it is today.

5. Thomas Edison

You know him as the inventor of the light bulb, but did you know he failed 1000 times before he got the lightbulb right? His teachers told him that ‘he was too stupid to learn anything’. He proceeded to get fired from two jobs for being unproductive, but that didn’t stop him from being great.

6.  Albert Einstein

The child genius, on this list really? Well well renowned genius couldn’t talk till he was 4, couldn’t read till he was 6 and got himself expelled from school. So much so that, his parents and teachers believed he was mentally handicapped. Zurich Polyclinic School refused admission to Einstein, the noble prize winner who gave physics a new identity.

7. Charles Darwin

Darwin wasn’t a bright student, he didn’t do too well in school. In fact like every other one of us, he followed the path his father set out for him. He started training to become a doctor. Two years into the course, he dropped out because the lectures were boring. That didn’t stop him from giving us an insight into human evolution, making his mark on the world forever.

8. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill failed 6th grade and continued to struggle in school. Infant even in politics he faced many failed elections, till the point it all worked out. He not only one the Presidential election once, but twice. This noble prize winner has inspired millions of people and his grades were never a decider.

So if you’ve just received your results and they don’t look like you hoped they would, don’t give up, you are #GreaterThan your marks.¬†

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