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Every student pursuing their education in science field with mathematics has a dream to study in IITs. In order to study in IIT, you will have to clear the JEE exams, which is the entrance test for the IIT. It is the top level exam in the science field which requires a high level of perfection in all respects. IITs are the most reputed institutes that are known to produce engineers with brilliant minds. In order to excel in the JEE exams you will have to polish your skills such as speed, quantitative analysis, memory, logic and speed.

Remember the students who acquire top ranks in JEE exams are ordinary students, don’t underestimate yourself and with proper preparation and guidance you can also be among them. There might be a case where you haven’t performed well in your class 10th board exams or not doing good in the coaching classes, don’t be demotivated keep the preparation going on keeping JEE in mind.

Here are some of the DOS that will help you in cracking the JEE Main 2015 exam:

1. Self-study and regular study are the most important factor that can help you in cracking the JEE exam. Make sure you do your homework regularly, on time everyday. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in school or in coaching, you will have to take out time for self-studies.

2. Relaxation and time-pass are also very important, as they will fresh your mind and energize you to study again. It is advised to take a 15 minute break after every 60 minute session of study. Take out time for snacks and take at least an hour break for the meals, this will clear your mind.

3. Keep distance from people who can distract you from your mission, avoid parties and hangouts.

4. Approach every new topic with interest not like another topic to mug up.

5. Join mock test series, these tests will help you to analyze your skills and will also help you to understand the pattern of the examination. The test will prepare you for the final exam and will let you practice the questions which are similar to those asked in the JEE exams.

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6. Always be in a positive frame of mind, never be demotivated.

7. Group study can be also a good option if all the students in the group are focused. It helps to test each other on key facts and skills.

8. Proper time management is necessary; you will have to follow a strict study timetable.

9. Mental and physical exercise is important to keep you fresh, take help from yoga and meditation.

10. Attend all the lectures, 100% attendance will be ideal, this will help you to understand all the concepts and make the preparation much easier.

After you have learned what to do while preparing for the JEE exams. There are certain things that you should not do that you cannot fix on time, as there is very little time left for the final exam. Here are some of the DON’TS that you must avoid while preparing for JEE exam:

1. The students must not believe in short cuts and stress on learning the concepts as most of the questions are concept based.

2. Never leave today’s work on tomorrow as time is very precious. If you follow a routine, you must abide by it and never miss your short term goals.

3. The JEE aspirants must not waste time in useless activities like watching television and using smartphones. They can use these tools to kill boredom after long hours of study.

4. Worrying too much about the examination will do no good. Small amount of tension is good, but taking too much stress will take a toll on your health thereby hampering your studies.

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