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Each time our school teachers read us a story, there was always some kind of moral lesson to draw form it, which made our parents really happy. However each time we switched on the TV, we couldn’t escape the glare that was burning a whole through our brain, telling us to finish our homework. What our parents didn’t know, was the kind of good stuff we’ve learned from these cartoons!

1. Tom and Jerry: Failing is the first step up the ladder of success.

Tom chased Jerry to till the end. No matter how many times he got slapped by a spatula or drenched in water, Tom never gave up. He knew what he wanted and no obstacle was big enough to quit.


2. Scooby Doo: Fear shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

No matter how many times they were confronted by one monster or another, they always came back to the crime scene. They had the ability to go on, despite their fear. In the end their actions always led to good consequences.


3. Flintstones: Admits his mistake and corrects them immediately.

When you make a mistake, it’s good to take responsibility. Fred takes responsibility for hi actions, even when they go completely south and makes an effort to make it right again. That’s what accounts, admitting a mistake and correcting it.


4. Popeye: Don’t throw in the towel too early.

He never chastised himself for forgetting his spinach, no matter how many times it happened. He always found a way to make it work, he didn’t mull over anything, despite that he always saved Olive. He didn’t give up in the face of Bluto, he marched on.


5. Spongebob Squarepants: Don’t let other people run your life.

Learn to make your own happiness and don’t let other people affect you. Even when people laughed at Spongebob or Patrick, Spongebob never let them bother him and helped Patrick do the same. Spongebob chased after his dream, irrespective of how the world around him behaved.


6. Spiderman: You are more than just one element in your life.

Do you remember the time when Gwen Stacy told Spider Man ‘You’re Spider Man but I love Peter Parker more’. Just remember you are more than one element of yourself. You aren’t limited to a report card or a result or even one win, your whole persona is what makes you special.


7. Pokemon: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts.

Every race has a finish, but it’s not always about the goal, it’s about the journey. If Ash had magically obtained all the Pokemons, without the rivalries he build, without the transformations he witnessed, he might not have been the best trainer. Even though he lost some, he won a lot more in the end.


8. Dragon Ballz: Don’t shy away from hard work.

You need to train to your best ability, in order to be the best at what you do. A good part of the show is about training. Every character spends an insane amount of time training, which shows a lot more handwork than I have encountered in any other cartoon. It’s the handwork that gets them the results.

Just like each of them, don’t give up because of a couple of hurdles. Your journey is #GreaterThan a few bumps in the road. 

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