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Sachin Tendulkar, the God of cricket, began his 24 year career at a tender age of 16 and has since accrued numerous unbeaten world records to his credit. A long successful career and a great, inspiring life means there are great success lessons to be learned from Sachin Tendulkar, Here are some Lessons on Success from Sachin Tendulkar:

Lessons On Success From Sachin Tendulkar

Here are some lessons on success from Sachin Tendulkar that we should all learn and imbibe:

Do what you love

The reason behind Sachin’s perfection is that he loves what he does. He inspires you to pursue a career that you love the most so there is never a dull moment in your professional life.

Breach the impossible

His 100 centuries is a mammoth task that even extraordinary batsmen dread to dream of. But Sachin’s motivation to breeze past the impossible encourages us to do the same.


Sachin has always maintained that your luck may push you in a certain career but it is only your talent and attitude that will keep you going. Keep on working hard and there will be no stopping you.


One of Sachin’s most cherished stokes is his discipline towards the sport. He has managed to keep his body and mind focused solely on the game.


We can only imagine the pain Sachin must have gone through when he had to overlook a personal grief to fulfill his professional commitments. He truly is a great example of the philosophy that no matter what, the show must go on.

Never surrender

Sachin, who is otherwise worshiped in India, faced flak for his deteriorating performances over chronic health issues and injuries. Even rejection could not deter him from his goals and he kept his focus towards the game. His endurance and stamina teaches us to surpass the bad phases in like and take criticism in your stride.

Never say Never

Sachin conveniently adapted into every cricketing format be it tests, one day or 20-20 games. His love for cricket kept him appraised to evolving cricket configurations. We must learn to accept changes and get accustomed to them in order to succeed.

Team player

Sachin inspires us to be a team player. He always kept the interest of the team ahead of his personal targets.

Be humble and positive

You must have never come across a sportsperson as humble and composed as Sachin. He infused positivity in the dressing room and has steered away from arrogance.


Sachin is a firm believer of serving the society and hence been instrumental in raising funds for the needy apart from donating sponsorships several underprivileged children.

We may have lost count of the lessons on success from Sachin Tendulkar but they all motivate us to do great.

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