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Letter to Editor Format:

One gets a fair grasp on the idea of formal and informal letters from these examples. Formal letters follow a strict format and a professional language. However, for writing informal letters one does not have to follow such stringent norms. Let us look at the examples given below to understand the format of letter writing, eg. letter to editor format.

Introduction to Formal Letters

Letter to editor format would be the same as a formal letter format. Formal letters are generally used for official purposes where the use of casual language would be unsuitable. Provided below is a format of how to write a formal letter. We start by mentioning the address of the sender, followed by the date. After that comes the receiver’s designation and address. We mention the subject in a few words. The salutation is followed by a comma. In general, three separate paragraphs are maintained for the introduction, main content and conclusion of the letter after which, we provide a complimentary closing. The sender’s name followed by designation is provided in the end while signing off. It is very important to choose a strictly professional font and maintain a formal approach to the language.

Letter to Editor Format

Letters to editors are generally made out to the Editor-in-Chief of popular daily newspapers when a citizen intends to voice their opinion or to raise concern on some public issue. The format remains the same as that of formal letters.

Examples of Formal Letters

The following examples will help you to get a better grasp of the idea:


Example 1.  Write a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of a leading daily, raising concern regarding the bad condition of roads in your city, its effect on the daily lives of citizens and the reluctance of the authorities in taking appropriate actions.


2/A Russel Street

Kolkata 45


12th February 2014


The Editor-in-Chief

The Times of India

52B Chowringee Lane



Subject: Bad road conditions of the city.




It is with great dismay that I am bringing under your notice, the deteriorating road conditions in our locality. I write this letter to highlight how the present miserable condition of roads is affecting the lives of the citizens on a regular basis.

The increasing number of potholes is becoming a death trap for late night drivers. Because of the several broken edges and potholes, the vehicles have to halt after very short intervals therefore hindering the smooth run of transport. Often enough, traffic comes to a standstill, making it difficult for school and office goers to reach their destinations, on time. . Traffic jams consisting of a lengthy serpentine queue of vehicles have become every passenger’s nightmare. Despite lodging repeated complaints to the local authorities, no actions have been taken yet. All assurances have been given in vain. Owing to this deep distress, there’s a developing unrest.

I hope to use your daily as a medium of raising concern for this grave issue that affects the lives of a million people and hope it reaches the appropriate audience soon.


Thank you

Yours sincerely

Anay Mehta


Example 2.  Write a letter to your boss regarding the best choice of router that should be installed in your office for the employers.



The Senior Manager

Sargate Infotech

26B Infinity Building, 12th Floor

Delhi 100 040


25th June, 2016




After having done an extensive research, in my opinion, the Data6 version of Impact would suit our requirements best.

I have done a background check regarding the customer reviews for this product. It is highly dependable as it seldom hangs, providing uninterrupted high-speed access to the internet. As per my judgement, it will be able to provide satisfaction on both ends, for the employers and their customers.

I will wait for your response and arrange a meeting with the product dealer accordingly.




Tara Singhania

Junior associate

Mail: [email protected]


Introduction to Informal Letters

For informal letters, we do not have to strictly maintain a formal language all the time. The language depends mostly on our relationship with the person we are addressing the letter to.

 Examples of Informal Letters


Example1.  Write a letter to your friend, advising her about a holiday plan.


7A,Karol Bagh

Delhi 400097


25th February, 2005

Dear Meryl,


I just came back from a trip to Sangla, Himachal Pradesh and it was magestic.

Sangla is a beautiful valley situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by beautiful apple orchards, a gushing stream beneath and the beautiful snow clad mountains, it is a rich sight to behold.  Trekking and camping are good options and if you have a thirst for adventure, you can even indulge in other adventure activities like rock climbing and river rafting. I stayed at a beautiful place called Braun’s homestay which was in the middle of sprawling apple orchards. The towering Kailash range is a feast to the eye. The back end of this house is st the edge of a cliff, overlooking the Baspa river. I would suggest you stay in this place when you come here.

I hope, you enjoy your vacation here as much as I did. The people are cordial and kind at heart. Looking forward to hearing from you about your experience, in the near future.


Yours affectionately,



Example 2.  You had taken a book from your brother. However, he has gone overseas now, and you realise that you have forgotten to return him that book. Write a letter of apology to your brother.


154/3 Muzzaffarpur Road

Patna 100056

11th December, 2011


Dear Nikhil,

Hope you are doing well. I wanted to extend my apologies to you for having forgotten to return the book that I had borrowed from you.

It will be a long time before I will see you again. However, you can be assured that the next time we meet; I will return you the book. I do not like letting people down when something is expected from me.

I hope you will forgive me and this mistake of mine will not prevent you from trusting me with something soon. Convey my love to uncle and aunty.


Yours loving


This was our article on letter to editor format. Read about informal letter format here! To browse through similar knowledge articles, keep following us here!

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