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To start with, the label of this article speaks for itself. It is so phrased to present the fact that the campus has a separate biome to its name. It is equipped with its own share of energy and culture amalgamated into a lifestyle unique to its ground.

IIT-R Admin Block
IIT-R Admin Block

A walk by the walls of the campus of IIT-Roorkee brings one a serene panoramic view of the buildings, whose bricks date back to decades of history, and a never-ending greenery, all neatly packed in the heart of Roorkee. Apart from winning campus beauty pageants, what really attracts an outside eye is the chest of brilliant minds it houses. Having said so, academics are only a fraction of the plethora of activities that keep these students engaged.

What really pumps through the veins of its lifestyle is enthusiasm. It is enthusiasm that brings every single student to venture new grounds and talents, and the campus does not fall short in providing a platform anywhere. Be it sports, arts, coding or even entrepreneurship, an exciting level of exposure is received by every student. This driving zeal to be so much more than just having an academic feather in the hat is what saturates the air.

The campus pours calm evenings where one is sure to find a guitarist strumming his strings along with the college canteen bustling with engrossed couples despite terribly scarce female population. Speaking of associations, every freshman finds welcoming relations from his seniors. Each of these new ‘recruits’ are supplied with a handbook of keywords used throughout the campus which is a must-know for all (You might not want to be called ghissu here, I guess. Well, it has its own perks). The campus-groups provide an adhesive to these bonds juniors and seniors share, along with a truckload of parties and celebrations every other weekend.

Farhan Akhtar during annual fest at IIT-R
Farhan Akhtar during annual fest at IIT-R

Apart from the trending cultures, there are several irresistible pomp and show that IIT-Roorkee witnesses during several of its fests, including few which rank among the top of the nation. These fests are supposedly the best time of the year when the campus witnesses and plays host to an enormous amount of students from other colleges of the country. Lively robots crushing each other into wormholes are a usual site at the technical festivals. And who doesn’t enjoy a musical concert every semester?

Sitting on the top, the most influential factor is the strategic location of the campus amidst numerous tourist destinations of Uttarakhand and adjacent states which is almost an intoxication. A boat ride in Nainital, a trek in snow capped hills of Shimla or even a meeting with Ruskin Bond in Mussoorie is only hours away, leaving a seed of wanderlust in every student that steps inside this campus.

All in all, a college campus is supposed to be an integration of everything that is required to build a student as a person, piece by piece. The growth is a forever increasing graph although the slope varies from a person to another. With that remark, IIT Roorkee accomplishes every aspect that is desired from it. A campus thriving with so much eagerness and fun along with determination is enough to seal the deal for anyone.

Looking forward to all the newcomers next year! Work hard and this campus won’t disappoint you. All the best!

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