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After staring at the 5-digit rank, I knew for sure that my dream to become an IITian was over. For two years, I had slogged day and night to live a top-class life. However, fate had other plans for me. It told me,”IIT isn’t your thing, girl. It never was meant to be. Move on and find some other college.” Strangely, at that moment, I was comforted to hear this. In fact, even a tad happy. Today, after living the unique experience that is life at NIT Trichy, I know why.

Life at NIT Trichy: All You Need to Know

Before you ask, why civil engineering for a girl? I’ll tell you the truth. I chose civil engineering since it was close to my dream of pursuing ocean engineering, which of course is available in only two IITs in India. Forlorn and skeptic, I went to college.

College is fun. Life at NIT Trichy is amazing. But college also brings semester exams and cycle tests. And one needs to clear the exams. So, you land up studying more at college. As a nine pointer (to the dismay of millions), personally, I have received a lot of comments like “You don’t even have to study; you’re a genius” or “Man, you don’t ask doubts; you understand everything!” I’m not a genius. I do have doubts. I’m just a hard worker with a tight trap. Readers, kindly note: 9 pointers along with 5 pointers struggle, suffer and are humans. So, I learnt to brush off this mob attitude and do what is safe and smart—get a high GPA.

With time, I also became more independent. Life at NIT Trichy or the hostel time helped me. It’s horrible in the beginning. Soon, you learn to hate and love it in the same breath. The hostel is an escape from home, but then it will make you miss home. At college and hostel, you’ll have a better understanding of your city, country, and even the world. You’ll come across all sorts of people who are friendly, talented, irritating, jealous, naive, etc. Two years of sharing my room, adjusting to lights burning till 4 AM, washing clothes at 2 in the morning and eating only Lays for weeks; hostel life is the best thing that happened to me.

Take my word. If you want to eat a burger with rasagulla, you can do it. If you want to listen to Rock n Roll and play football before dawn, you can do it. If you want to study peacefully, you can do it. If you want to become a writer, you can do it. And college is the best place where you can make every single wish of yours come true. Life at NIT Trichy will open your eyes to a world full of hope.

As I said, life at NIT Trichy is great. I’ve met loads of people, seen the different shades of life, fallen in love with solace yet embraced company at the same time. Of course, like anyone else in college, I’ve been depressed loads of times. Whatever I’ve been through, I always have made it a point to smile and laugh it off with friends. Only when you face some tough times, you learn to appreciate what life has given you. College in these two years makes me feel younger, happier and crazier. I know the third year is yet to come, and I’m prepared to face it with equal elan.

Every iota of my body knows I’ve changed. I’m still pretty much a shy mouse, but I have certainly found my voice and dream.

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