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Albert Einstein is not just known for the theory of relativity and the E=mc2 formula. He also taught us how hard labor and determination can help you attain the impossibles in the life. Einstein is known to be a philosophical personality and ways of a belief that physics had a deep relation to philosophy as both the subjects rely on logic and reasoning. Albert Einstein made his life sublime by pursuing the mysteries of science and demystifying whatever he could. He was given the Nobel Prize for his contribution in theoretical physics. He also wrote several books and articles which were not only about physics, but also about philosophy and moral values.

Lessons from Albert Einstein’s Life:

1. Simplicity: Simplicity is one of the greatest virtues of life. When you are learning something, bring it to the lowest level of understanding. If you can make it understand to a 6 year old, you are really a master. Practice and follow the simplicity to success.

2. Following curiosity: Einstein inspired us to question each and everything and look for reasons. That is the only way, you will understand things around you. You need to be childlike while looking at things. The curiosity opens the doors of imagination and imaginations leads to discoveries.

3. Perseverance: Einstein had once quoted,” It’s not that, I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problems longer”. In order to solve a problem which is giving you a tough time, you need to stay with it. You must not succumb to the failure so easily. Show perseverance, and the success would not elude you for long.

4. Focusing on the present: It is important that you live in the moment. “If you are kissing while driving a car, you are not paying the right amount attention to the kiss”. Do not worry about the outcome of your actions. Just keep on going in the right direction. Success will invariably come to you.

5. Inculcating the power to imagine: Imagination is the door to discoveries and ideas. If you imagine, and seek to turn your imagination into reality, you are the one who is eyeing a better world tomorrow.

6. Learn from the mistakes: Doing mistake is not the wrong thing, not learning from it is. Once who do not commit mistakes is practically doing nothing. Never hesitate to take risks just because you may commit a mistake. Learn from it and move forward.

7. Create Value: Whatever you do, create value in the process. Anything which does not have value or cannot make the life easier is worthless. Try to add value in your goals too, as when you focus on the goals, it expands.

8. Never be repetitive: Doing the same thing again and again does not make the life valuable. Try to improvise each and every action of yours. You cannot expect different results doing the same things over and over again.

9.Learn the rules first to play better: Make sure that you first learn the rules before you are out to play. In order to be an expert, you need to know everything about that particular thing.

10. Try and be unconventional: Thinking rationally every time might not help. Try to be unconventional and break the cliches. Albert Einstein did not achieve all this by thinking in the same line as others. Being unconventional in your actions makes you distinct.

These lessons of life do not apply to the scientists alone; it also applies to all those who wish to make it big in their life. These lessons of hard work, morality and belief in God will go a long way in shaping your future and craft you into a successful person and reach the top 1%.

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