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Minutes before you actually step into the examination hall, you tend to assess the exam as your biggest hurdle yet. Most of us think, once this examination is over, we can breathe a sigh of relief! However, it is just a tiny step and you will still have miles to go before you see your dream realized. It is indeed an epiphanic moment there for each of us. After your baby step comes the infinite and anxious wait for your results. Once the results are out is when all the confusion and rigmarole kicks into the life of a medical exam ranker! Read on!

The Merit List

The day of release of merit list will be a day remembered throughout the life of a medical exam ranker. All of a sudden, you become the star of the family. Gifts, best wishes and not to mention the tons of unsolicited advice pour in from parents, relatives, neighbors, friends and everyone has their say!

But before you can bask in your moment of fame, the realization dawns upon you that you have only cleared the first step of the journey. What follows is often an endless process of checking out the brochures of your dream colleges/universities, running through their cut-offs hoping you get in, filling out of many application forms, going through the admission process of various universities and finally making a choice.

The choices are difficult to make especially when you know this particular choice is going to influence the course of the rest of your life. And therefore it becomes imperative that you make your decisions very carefully after good consultation and deep thinking. It is always advisable to involve elders and experts for they will be able to guide you properly through it.

Choosing the perfect college

This is the trickiest of the things that might be required in your long to-do list once you’re done with the crazily hectic preparation period of medical exam. It is also the most tedious time in the life of a medical exam ranker.

The trend that has been observed is that students tend to choose a college or university that is closer to their home or in their state. Homesickness is very natural but it should not come in the way of your dreams. With all the effort you put into clearing the entrance, you definitely deserve nothing less than the best. And if it means you have to leave your comfort zones then be prepared to do it.

This is to say that the best opportunities might just be hidden away from your comfort zone. Sometimes, it could be right there next to you. All you have to do is pick the best from the voluminous lot presented to you. If it means spreading your wings and flying out, never hesitate to do that. There is a world of opportunities awaiting you outside your zones of comfort.

It always helps if you can make a list of colleges you wish to apply to and the ones you’ll be eligible to apply given your rank in the merit list. Keep a note of the important dates such as last date of application, counselling dates, etc.

You can take a look at which colleges got the best response from medical aspirants in 2016 in this article.

Wondering about college life 

Once you are done picking the right college for yourself, a constant thought buzzing the want-to-be doctors is the experience of college life. College life is, no doubt, exciting and completely different from what one has been experiencing at school. This realization is very important and the earlier the better. Post your entrance results is a time when you find yourself flooded with all kind of advice – some solicited, and some not. Here too, you need to keep your screening process on. Take only the best and leave the rest.

Nervous for the day

Ragging. This is something that makes both parents and students anxious especially given the fact that medical colleges across the country are notorious for it. Even with strict Anti-Ragging Regulations of the government, ragging continues to be a rampant phenomenon in most colleges and at times proves to be very dangerous. Although you need to be cautious, it again helps to not build unnecessary fear in your mind.

Remember that not all ragging is bad. Ragging can also be the wonderful opportunity to get to know your seniors better. At times, your seniors with whom your first interaction might have been through these sessions, turn out to become your greatest friends and mentors. Some things are best taken in lighter vein, you see. But do remember that anything that humiliates you and anything that hurts your sentiments is not acceptable and you have to stand up against it, no matter what.

Well begun, half done

The bottom line remains that once you clear the entrance exam, your journey has only begun and there is plenty to be done from there. A day in the life of a medical exam ranker will be completely different from a day in the life of a student in his undergrad years!

Post clearing of the examination is when your real test begins and it is important that you don’t lose track of things then. Stay focused on your dreams and base all your decisions on it. One of the most noble professions awaits you so make sure you make all the right moves.

Stay tuned to for cut-offs of prestigious colleges and make the right choices. Read about a typical day in the life of a PhD student here. All the best!

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