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Becoming a doctor is not an easy option. It takes a lot of hard work and years of study to get there. Being a doctor is a very respectable profession, no doubt. But being a doctor definitely has its disadvantages. It is a profession that proves to be quite challenging for an individual. The pressure and responsibility of being doctor can be very hard to handle. A doctor’s profession is extremely demanding. Life of a doctor can be tough. But it has it’s perks. Here is an insight into the life of a doctor to give you a perspective of your future.

Life Of A Doctor

A normal day at the hospital in the life of a doctor is difficult and hectic. From the start of their shift, doctors need to brace themselves for en number of people waiting to be checked for diseases by him. The situation is even more chaotic when entering the main area of emergency department. It is a hard routine that keeps going throughout the entire shift of doctors. To see patients vomiting, hear them crying out in pain and being surrounded by people who are ill all the time, can sometimes get to you.

But look at it from the other side: you are responsible for people’s lives. Being a doctor means you will be helping people in times of pain and sickness. A doctor is the only person who can relieve a person’s pain. It’s not for nothing that doctors earn the utmost respect from the society. They toil and work hard so that other’s can live well. They are treated with the respect that God’s angels might get. Being a doctor is the biggest job satisfaction you can get. Compare it with say, becoming a blogger, and you will understand the difference. Would you rather cure a person of heart ailments or write a blog that has 20 likes on Facebook?

But just as saving lives can be rewarding for the doctors, the responsibilities that comes with it can also be very stressful. The doctors are always under tremendous pressure not to make mistakes or they are in fear of the loss of patient’s life. Day in and day out they have to examine different patients with various symptoms presented by them, and consider the possible diagnoses for it. This profession constantly demands them to be highly knowledgeable, have an inquiring mind, stay up-to-date & have the ability to relate to patients with their own health needs. Being a doctor means, committing your life to helping people in their illness, providing them advice, reassuring them, and understanding the health from the patient’s point of view.

Work Life Balance

For a doctor, having a work life balance is next to impossible. They need to be available 24X7, if required. They have to commit their entire life in treating others. People say it is an exaggeration that the doctors have no personal life. But in some cases, it is true. The working hours can be long and unpredictable. There are days when they work more than 60 hours a week due to emergencies. Often, they have to visit the patient at late, odd hours foregoing rest, sleep and even food.

Doctors have to respond to emergency cases as and when the situation demands. They need to be available on call for the patients throughout the day. Unlike other professions, the working hours of the doctors are never fixed. It may vary depending on the specialization of their practice, type of practice, etc. They have to treat their patients with a smile and cheer no matter how stressed & tired they might be. The entire life of a doctor is spent in treating sick people and making them believe that whatever sickness has engulfed them, can be cured.

But it is not just that. If you are smart enough, you will earn a good pay and live a decent life. If you are doing good for yourself, you can have a vacation every 6 months away from everything and enjoy life to the fullest. Sure the everyday life of a doctor is tough but the overall life of a doctor is the stuff of envy for many.


Although a doctor’s profession is very honorable & earns huge buck for them, it all comes for a price. They experience considerable amount of stress and strain. But it is all worth it and the bigger picture is worth it. You will be stressed on most days but your overall lifestyle will give you happiness, joy, love and a lot of satisfaction.

We wish you all the best in your preparations in becoming doctors and choosing the best college. 🙂

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