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“What am I doing with my life?!” When you turn 25, this question appears without any visible warning and brings with it, the infamous quarter-life crisis. Turning 25 definitely involves asking yourself a series of questions and life problems you never had to think about before. You have finally reached an age where you have to look out for yourself. So, life will seem to be a bit more complicated, with some of the most unexpected life problems. There would be more night-outs paid for by your parents – you got to earn what you need to spend for your pleasure. It’s finally time to think and choose a successful career path. A path that will guarantee you a strong identity.

Life Problems You’ll Face@25

Gen Y may still have their hair, independence, and waistline intact, but the ‘young and the restless’ syndrome has made them take a drastic step back from the rat race. It all boils down to: why isn’t your life perfect yet? What life problems plague you every day?

Quarter-Life Crisis

The quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging from the twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about his or her own life. It is brought about by the stress of becoming a responsible adult.
Some signs of quarter-life crisis are:

  • In the morning, you contemplate over your past as you get ready for work in the morning and say,”I wish I had an easier life.”
  • Visualizing yourself 15 years from now and thinking about doing your boss’s job makes you happy.
  • Your expenses add up to more than your income, which is causing a serious problem.
  • You frequently switch your jobs. You may have changed your job 3 times in last six months.
  • You have had no serious love interest in the past few years. You are afraid of relationship failures.
  • Your faith becomes like a roller-coaster ride and you pretty well know that your seat belt is about to get undone.
  • You reach out to mentors for answers and you feel terrible after they give you some serious advice.

Things That Might Haunt You@25

  • There are several questions you’ll keep asking yourself. For instance, you might ask yourself, “Am I getting drowned in the sea of work and doing something I’m not even sure I love?” “Am I doing something which is considered ‘professional’ enough?” “Am I left behind in the rat race?” or “Am I giving up a social life in order to feel grown up?”
  • You suddenly realize that you may drift apart from your friends just because of what you earn or your income per say. And it becomes unbearable to hang out with peers who earn a lot more than you do.
  • The fact that your exes are now married and may even have children might bother you.
  • The moment when you realize that “paying taxes” is something that’s going to stay, and is something that is only going to get progressively worse for the rest of your life.
  • In the classroom setting, you now relate more to the plight of the teachers rather than the students. You start thinking about the students’ notoriety rather than the teacher’s response even though you were a student not a long time ago.
  • You realize that you should be a help not a burden to your parents. Now the financial responsibilities have got transferred to your shoulders.
  • Wanting desperately to retain a sense of spontaneity and adventure, but feeling it become increasingly incompatible with the life you live and the kind of goals you have for the future. It almost feels like mourning over the version of yourself that is no longer really alive.

It is crucial to take time out to reflect and not compete with anyone else. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer, and now suddenly you realize how much you hate it, it’s okay to sit down and reevaluate.

As much a pop culture phenomenon as a psychological one — there are certainly some baby steps you can employ to ease your quarter-life crisis. Believe me, it’s not only you, but most people face these problems. It is crucial to accept the inevitable changes of growing older, rather than seeing them as aberrant crises.

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Have a good day 🙂

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