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Mahendra’s Student Portal

Looking for information on Mahendra’s Student Portal? You’ve come to the right place. ST Portal i.e. Speed Test Portal is a platform, which is designed in such way that students can avail multiple online exams at one place in a structured form. We found that is a pretty popular website with good traffic and thus ranked fairly high. We also discovered that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from India (97.3%). This domain has a very good reputation, so you can visit it safely.

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How is Mahendra’s Student Portal useful for students?

Keeping in mind the current pattern of competitive examinations (maximum exams are conducted in Online Mode), it is important for all the aspirants to be familiar with the duration, exam pattern, tips, and tricks, and to practice these exams in the Online Mode before appearing for the Real-Time Examination.

Mahendra’s Student Portal provides a wide range of Online Speed Test Series with which candidates can prepare well in the desired field. Mahendra’s Test Portal provides students with a unique opportunity to practice a large number of online question papers which in turn boosts their chances of success in the actual examination.

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Functioning of various tabs available on the Dashboard of Mahendra’s Student Portal Account

The moment students log in, they are directed to the Dashboard where 15 tabs are available for users whose details are as follows:

My Tests:

The very first option is “My Tests” Option from where you can give Speed Tests. This tab is further bifurcated into two more options -> Online Speed Test and Practice Test.

  1. Online Speed Test:

In this tab, all new Speed Tests are uploaded as per the schedule designed; you have to give the particular Speed Test within the time duration allotted.

  1. Practice Test:

In this tab, all those Speed Tests are available, which you haven’t given as per the schedule. One Practice Test can be given five times.

My Result & Solution:

The result of the speed tests you have given is available under this tab. Further, it is also bifurcated into two parts -> Online Speed Test and Practice Test.

  1. Online Speed Test:

The result of speed tests given in Online Mode and Lab Mode are available under this option. Also, the result of only last 15 Online Speed Tests will be reflected.

  1. Practice Test:

The result of practice tests is available under this option. Also, the result of only last 20 Practice Tests will be reflected.

My Bookmarks:

You can save the important Question & Answer from the Solution Report (available in View Report) by clicking on the “Bookmark” option. All saved Q/A will be available under this tab as “Bookmark Report”.

MIBS Account:

Under this tab, you can view all your admission details like date of admission, Roll No., and Course.

Payment & Dues:

Under this tab, you can view all your admission slips by clicking on the “Show” option available for every slip.

Reserve Seat (Lab ST):

This tab is available to reserve a seat for the Online Speed Test conducted in the Smart Lab. The candidates are provided with Real-Time Examination atmosphere during the Lab ST.

Note: Reserved Seat (LAB ST) facility is available for Mahindra’s’ Students only.

Attach/Link OTP:

This tab is available to attach or link the OTP issued to you in your ST Portal Account if you have created your ST Portal account with MIBS Enroll Number.

My Schedule:

It lets you view the whole schedule of your batch.

Notice Board:

All important instructions and schedules are available here.

Seminar Booking:

Under this tab, you can book your seat for the Seminar.

Leave your Feedback

Here, you can give a rating or feedback & suggestions regarding the portal’s Branch Management, Faculty, ST Portal, Infrastructure, E-News, any Website and Study Material.

My Requests:

Under this tab, you can apply your request for Batch Rejoining, Branch Transfer and Duplicate I-Card.

View E-MICA:

It lets you view, read and download all available MICA(s) (Master in Current Affairs).


You can avail the facilities of E-NEWS Portal here.

ST Results:

Under this tab, you can view the compiled result of the ST conducted in PAN India.


It provides functioning of all the above tabs and other Help topics in a video format.

Speed Test Schedules:

It contains the Schedule of all the Speed Tests that are conducted for different courses on ST Portal.

How to register for Mahendra’s Student Portal Online?

You can register online to Mahendra’s ST Portal by following the steps given below:

Steps for Registration using MIBS Roll Number:

  • Navigate to the official website of Mahendra’s ST Portal.
  • Click on the ‘New User Registration’ tab on the homepage.
  • Enter your e-mail id and select a password for your account.
  • Now, click on the tab ‘I have MIBS Roll Number’.
  • Click on ‘Register’ and then click ‘Next’.
  • A page will appear where you have to provide your personal details like e-mail id, mobile number, date of birth, password, etc.
  • After the successful completion of all these steps, you will get a confirmation e-mail from the Institute on your registered e-mail id.
  • You are required to click on the confirmation link provided in the e-mail to activate your account and complete the registration process.
  • Login to the portal using your id and password to take the speed tests and access other information provided on the website.

Students can also register using the OTP code. All the steps for registration are the same except that you have to select ‘I have OTP’ instead of MIBS Roll No. on step four and enter the OTP No. in the field provided on the registration page.

You can also go through the detailed FAQs to clarify any doubts you might have.

That’s it, folks. This was all about the Mahendra’s student portal. Hope you found this information useful.

Thanks for reading.

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