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Before entering into the MD vs MS debate, let us throw some light on what each of they are and how they are different.

What is MS and MD ?

MBBS is a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery. It is a qualification to teach and apply human biology. It is a sequential exposure to multiple specialties at the same time. After MBBS, you get to specialize. Be a physician or a surgeon, both prescribe drugs and wield instruments. Physician does more of prescribing while surgeon deals more with using instruments. M.D. is a post-graduation in general medicine and M.S. is a post-graduation in general surgery. However, after M.B.B.S. there are some other career options also as- being a medical officer, MBA, going into public services and research.

MD vs MS

The admissions for post-graduate seats is based on a common entrance test NEET-PG The branch is then decided during counselling. According to the rank, a person gets the option to choose between the available branches. Next come the available degrees include MD, MS or diploma in that branch.

Choosing between surgery and medicine is purely a matter of personal preference and convenience. One who pursues M.S. becomes a surgeon.

On completion of MD, person becomes a physician. A physician cannot work in place of a surgeon but a surgeon can work as a physician also. If you can’t tolerate the sight of blood, prefer not being a surgeon. Being a surgeon, you need to be ready for any kind of emergencies. Surgery is not meant to be for everyone. It is science with a flavor of art as surgery is a creative discipline which requires a perfect balance of skill, talent, hard-work and passion to excel. The branch of surgery yields a lot of money. However,the time required to establish himself in practice is longer for a surgeon. After M.S. we can further continue to pursue M.Ch. which is a super-specialty degree in surgery.Medicine is preferred by many people which may be due to following reasons:

    • You don’t require any heavy, bulky and costly machine
    • A table, chair,bed(for examination) in a room is all that you need to be able to examine and prescribe.
    • It depends how well you score in entrance exam.
    • One can expect more flow of patients. More number of patients approach a physician as he can cure even minor ailments.
  • You would come in touch with more public and so you can bring about a health education drive sooner than a surgeon.

To conclude:-Choosing between MD vs MS is one’s own choice. It is dependent on different factors as stated above. Both the branches have good future prospects. It matters about a person’s interest and what their aptitude is. However, in India almost equal number of students opt for Medicine and Surgery. Financially, both branches are satisfying. Although medicine gives lower rewards initially and higher later on. Surgery starts with a higher reward but you take time to settle your hand at it. Thus overall both branches have their own limitations and benefits. It depends on you what to choose. Choose what you feel will give you both satisfaction, name, fame and money!We hope this article settles the ‘MD vs MS’ inner debate you have with yourself.

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