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Assessment is a process by which information is gained relative to some known purpose or goal. In addition, it is a large term that includes testing. Similarly, a test is also a form of assessment. Also, tests are for administrating assessment made under unnatural situations.

In other words, assessment is a process of measuring performance. It also tests the knowledge of the students. For the reason, all tests are assessment but all assessment are not test. In addition, they conduct tests at the end of the lesson or unit.

Example of class assessment

Meaning of Assessment

It is a systematic process. By which we assess the performance of students through tests. Furthermore, they help in collecting data related to skills knowledge and attitude of students. In addition, they help to improve students’ performance. There is various type of assessment.

Definition of Assessment

Assessment involves the use of experimental data on student’s learning to refine programs and improve students’ learning.” – Allen

Nature of Assessment

Assessment is tightly linked with the learning process. Similarly, it unites with the course of study and teaching. For keeping a check on students progress and achievement course of study play a constant role. Also, the teacher and students work to achieve the outcomes of the course of study.

Classroom review helps teachers to continuously detect students learning. It gives students a calculation of their improvement as a pupil. Provides close examination chance to students in the learning process.

They help in the collection of regular response to students’ learning. Also, how they respond to specific teaching approaches. It uses a variety of plans. The opinion has a deep impact on the self-respect of students. Also, it is dangerous for learning.

Thus, the evaluation includes all those activities by teachers which help in reviewing students. Furthermore, this information used as a review and modifies teaching activity.

Functions of Assessment

It performs many functions which are listed below

1. Detecting Function

It detects all the activities during the elevation. From making plans to estimating the results all activities are closely watched. It also helps in improving performance and achieving desired results.

2. Making Decisions

They have to decide what has to be done for improvement. All the decision related to assessment has to be taken by the teacher. It helps to focus on improvements.

3. Screening

The teacher has to assess the probable incidence of the problem. They have to do this by using a simple yes or no. Assessment defines the problem while screening identifies and treats it.

4. Student’s Placement in the Remedial Course

It means that if a student’s evaluation is below average. In that case, remedial courses should be provided for them. Furthermore, these courses will in performance improvement.

5. Instructional Planning

Instructional planning is a process for teachers. It helps the teacher to make a plan to target the course of study. Furthermore, it helps to address the diverse need of students.

6. Feedback/Response

This process helps to validate how student’s marks are derived. It also identifies and prizes specific character in student’s work. In addition, it guides students to make improvement in their work.

7. Inspiration

Inspiration or motivation is a very important tool. This tool provides information about the type of environment and tasks which helps in motivation.


It is a very useful and powerful tool to detects and administer. This help in keeping a check on the performance of students. It is a difficult and challenging task for teachers and students. But it is an effective tool to facilitate learning.

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