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Meaning of Guidance

The guidance refers to advice or information provided by a person of experience, to solve a problem or improve something. The guidance refers to the process of helping individuals to discover and develop their potential. The need of guidance is something that cannot be ignored by anyone. Furthermore, guidance helps in the development of educational, vocational, and psychological skills in an individual. Most noteworthy, guidance would help an individual to achieve an optimal level of happiness and peace in life. Moreover, an individual who receives proper guidance would surely contribute significantly to society.

The concept of guidance is quite democratic in nature. This is because; a properly guided individual would be able to shape his destiny. Guidance ensures that each individual’s choices must serve the interests of the society as well as the interest of the individual.

meaning of guidance

Principles of Guidance

The principles of guidance certainly form the basis of the need of guidance. Furthermore, principles of guidance are important principles without which guidance cannot take place. Below are the principles of guidance:

Principle of all-round development- Guidance must take into account the all-round development of the person. Furthermore, guidance must ensure this desirable adjustment in any specific area of the individual’ personality.
Principle of human uniqueness- Certainly no two individuals are alike. Furthermore, individuals differ in mental, social, physical, and emotional development. Moreover, guidance must recognise these important differences and guide individuals according to their specific need.

Principle of holistic development- This principle states that guidance must take place in the context of total personality development. Moreover, a child grows as a whole. Also, if one aspect of personality is in focus, then the other areas of development must be kept in mind. Most noteworthy, these other areas of development indirectly influence the personality.

Principle of cooperation- This principle states that there cannot be any force on any individual regarding guidance. Moreover, the cooperation and consent of the individual is a pre-requisite for providing guidance.

Principle of continuity- The principle says that the guidance must take place as a continuous process to an individual. Also, this guidance must take place in different stages of the individual’s life.

Principle of extension- In this principle, there should not be a limitation of guidance to a few individuals. Most noteworthy, the extension of guidance must be to all individuals of all ages.

Principle of adjustment- It is certainly true that guidance influences every aspect of an individual’s life. However, guidance is chiefly concerned with a person’s mental or physical health. Furthermore, this adjustment takes place at school, home, society, and vocation.

Need of Guidance

Guidance certainly has an enormous need in every individual’s life. Below are some factors which highlight the need for guidance:

Different stages of development- The division of an individual’s life can take place into various stages. These stages are infant, childhood, pre-adolescent, adolescence and manhood. So, an individual needs guidance in every stage of life. Maximum guidance is required during the adolescence stage.

Differences among persons- Psychology inform us that no individuals are alike. Furthermore, no two individuals get similar opportunities in life. Therefore, every individual requires guidance, in order to find out the most suitable profession for him.

Career Maturity- Guidance is certainly essential for the development of a positive work attitude. Furthermore, guidance would help build suitable habits and values towards one’s work or profession. This is because; guidance increases the awareness of one’s world of work. Also, an individual is able to plan and prepare for his work or profession efficiently due to guidance.

Educational growth- Guidance certainly helps in the development of educational skills and abilities. Above all, these skills would facilitate learning and achievement.

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