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Medical Entrance Preparation: Start From 9th Standard?

Remember that every situation of confusion could be compared to a coin. If there is something positive (one side), there would be a negative counterpart (other side) also. So, even this question has both the aspects. If you are ambitious, then start preparing for medical entrance since 9th standard. Else you can skip this right now. You may start preparing after clearing your 10th standard board exams.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that I would like to discuss with you all :

Advantages : 

  • You will be better oriented with the future course you have to study.
  • Preparing since 9th standard will help improve your fundamentals (basics in subjects). Thus it will help you when you study those chapters in detail.
  • If you are interested and are sure to choose medicine as your field of excellence then start preparing now!
  • When you prepare, it will guide you whether you can or can’t bear with mathematics or biology. Thus it will help you to choose your subjects accordingly for your higher secondary education.

Disadvantages :

  • School life is the best time spent as a student. Though in school life you feel that college life is the best. But, it is during college life, that you will start missing your school time.
  • As the years of your life pass by, you need to take responsibilities and thus behave accordingly. Your family members will have huge expectations from you. Completing those will be on your shoulders.
  • Thus you never know what your future life holds for you. So, let the future reveal its surprises when it wishes to. Anyway you will have to start preparing someday or the other. So, don’t stress yourself for preparing now.
  • Live you school life to the fullest. Have fun right now. Participate in every possible activity. Pursue your hobbies. Develop hobbies if you don’t have one.
  • Having a hobby is very important for every person. It is when you enter a professional college that you realize the importance of having a hobby. It helps you to nullify the stress you might face.
  • Follow your passion. Make friends. This is the time where you will find friends for lifetime (in most of the cases).
Final solution to the question :

You can start preparing for medical entrance if you feel that you are capable and intelligent enough to do so. If you start preparing, you will surely miss out on the fun and enjoyment. Jump into it only if you have a strong emotional quotient.

Even if you start preparing after clearing your boards, don’t worry. You can still score well and clear the entrance exam. You can enjoy this time of your life. After this, two years of hard-work and you will perform just as well. It all depends on your ability to comprehend what you read. It also depends on your memorizing skills and logic.

Thus, to conclude : it’s a matter of personal choice whether to start your medical preparation since standard 9. Analyze yourself and check if you have more advantages or disadvantages in your favor. Make a decision and act accordingly!

Today, online education has brought about a revolution in the manner of study of students. Online and mobile based studies have brought coaching classes to just a click away. Read here about Toppr, India’s #1 app for JEE and medical entrance preparation.

Hope this helps.

All the best!


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