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Can meditation help you with your JEE Main preparation? Yes. Many people are tentative about it, which is why we are clearing it at the start itself. Multiple studies over the years have proven that meditation helps with any exam preparation. All you need to do is spare 10 minutes of your time everyday.

Now, let’s cater to the more intriguing question: how does meditation help? Well, the answer is manifold.

It Reduces Fear and Anxiety

Among the many reasons why students don’t do well in JEE is stress. The fear is crippling and even those who study extremely well for months together fall prey to it. Stress has the ability to debilitate you even if you are well prepared because it takes over your mind completely. It can, thus, make you forget what you studied. You may have faced it or at least seen someone facing such a situation in the past: he studied well but he completely blanked out during the exam. That’s what fear does.

A few minutes of meditation everyday can easily help you get over this problem because it calms your senses down. That in turn enables you to focus better and ace the exam.

It Enhances Concentration

You are studying seriously and suddenly you realize you are thinking about what’s for dinner. Sounds familiar? Our mind is usually very unstable and wanders at the first sign of distraction. Sadly, most of us don’t even grasp when this happens! While studying we may start thinking about sleep, food, a fantasy world, lots of money, successful future – just about everything except the syllabus! Meditation is an excellent way to counter this tendency of the mind. Since meditation itself requires utter concentration, doing it with dedication everyday will train your mind to focus on what’s at hand without thinking about everything else under the sun.

The icing on the cake here is that since your concentration is now enhanced, you won’t need as many revisions as you did previously!

It Makes You Confident

Through meditation, your body and mind calm down. You feel more satisfied and confident because you are now at ease and the nervousness is fading away. Therefore, while preparing for JEE and during the exam as well, you will stay composed. Remember, self-confidence is contagious and brings the best out of you! It also helps bring out creativity and analytical skills that you never knew existed!

It Expands Your Grasping Power

Studies suggest that an extremely high percentage of meditators have claimed that it increases grasping power. We all know how important that is during JEE preparation. When we have too much on our hands and the time period never seems enough, we cannot afford to spend a lot of time on each question or problem. We, thus, tend to overlook the difficult problems or waste too much time, neglecting the seemingly easier ones.

By meditating, you increase your grasping power. This means you spend less time on each problem. As a result, you end up doing much more in the same period of time.

It Helps You Sleep Better

A well-rested mind is a sharper mind. We all know just how important sleeping well is during the preparation days. We also know how difficult it is to sleep well when there’s so much going on! Meditate and your sleep problems will be erased. Just about everyone who meditates vouches for this and, thus, you should try it too.

Just one remedy for almost every issue a student studying for JEE faces – meditation. Incorporate it in your daily life and improve your quality of living from day one. All the best!

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