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Maharashtra – Common Entrance Test is the test conducted by Government of Maharashtra, State Common Entrance Test Cell every year. It is the criterion for admission to full-time degree courses of Health Sciences (MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BPTh, BOTh, BASLP, BP&O and BSc. Nursing, B.V.Sc. & AH) and Technical Education (Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy and Pharm. D.). This year the test is scheduled to take place on 5th May 2018.

MHT CET was discontinued in the year 2013. After a hiatus of 2 years of accepting JEE Mains scores, the exam has been revived in 2018. So any tips and tricks or information about the type of questions asked are based on educated guesses only.

  1. Important Topics to cover:
    Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation; Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei; Oscillations, Rotational Motion, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Effects of Current, Semiconductors, Wave Motion.Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics. Coordination Compounds, p-Block elements, Alcohol Phenol Ether, d-Block and f-Block elements, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen, Solid State, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions and Colligative Properties.Mathematics: Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Vectors and 3D Geometry.

    Genetic Engineering and Genomics, Control and Coordination, Human Reproduction, Microbes in Human Welfare, Genetic Basis of Inheritance, Photosynthesis, Biotechnology: Process and Application, Respiration, Reproduction in Plants.
  2. The exam is generally considered to be easy if you are already preparing for other competitive exams like JEE Main and Advanced. Hence, the exam should be easier compared to JEE Mains .
  3. It is important to know your syllabus well. CBSE entrants must also look into the syllabus not prescribed by the CBSE and find those topics that are common with Maharashtra board and study them. Particularly in the case of Physics, one finds that topics like Semiconductors, Interference and Waves have some extra syllabus that should be prepared for.
  1. Mathematics syllabus mainly consists of Calculus. It is important to practice Calculus well. The problems will be simple manipulation of equations and solving differential equations.
  2. Biology syllabus is vast and hence, it is important to understand the underlying concepts well. The questions might be based on diagrams and it is important to practice diagrams and the labels associated with them. Owing to the vast syllabus, it is advisable that aspirants start preparing for the same well before the exam, up to 5-6 months in advance.
  3. Mathematics section is usually lengthy. Hence, it is important to groom speed solving skills for the exam. Solve as many questions as possible before the exam and make sure to progressively improve your speed by timing each problem.

Cut-Off Scores:


Predicted cutoff scores for admission into MBBS program would be 170 for Top Tier Colleges (200 marks is the total). A score of 110/200 would comfortably fetch you an MBBS course at any college. (The given marks are based on the 2013 cutoff score list for the General category)


Engineering scores vary from year to year and depending on the major chosen in college, the cut off for the same will vary. There have been cases where a mark of 50/200 was able to fetch Chemical Engineering at a college in Mumbai Region. For more demanded courses like Electrical, Mechanical, ECE the score is higher up above the 100/200 range.

Try to solve previous year’s papers and sample paper for MHT CET 2018. It would give you an idea of how the paper will be. Timing your sessions to 3 hours and simulating exam day conditions can also be a good exercise while preparing for the exam.

The above points were prepared by keeping the exam’s usual trends in mind. Since the exam is renewed for this year the trends may be broken, but it should not be too off our guess. Hence, keep your calm and cool for the exam.

To know more about MHT CET 2018 kindly read our articles on recommended tips and tricks for the exam and all you need to know about MHT CET 2018. To know more about the exam pattern kindly read the following article on MHT CET 2018 exam pattern.

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