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IIT JEE Main, the most prestigious engineering entrance examination in India, attracts about 12 lac students nationwide. Apparently, the level of competitiveness is set to high standards each successive year. Computing from the data provided by the official board, we derived that, for securing a seat in JEE Main, each candidate has to compete against seven other individuals. Consequently, the students spend their two years burning midnight oil and facing immense pressure to make it through the exam. But this is not true the other way round! Take a look at mistakes in JEE Main papers over the years and how it affects students.

Mistakes in JEE Main:

The JEE Main paper is framed by the CBSE officials, who are sanctioned almost a year to complete their job. They are supposed to make sure that, there is no scope for ambiguity in the question paper. But every year, there are 2-3 mistakes in JEE Main paper which affects the fate of lakhs of students. Having a statistical analysis of the past three years’ question paper we concluded, JEE Main 2014 had 4 ambiguous questions; JEE Main 2015 had two while JEE Main 2016 had 3 ambiguous questions. The ambiguity included errors ranging from technical errors to the ones that had more than one correct answers.

These mistakes in JEE Main paper have significant influence on the scoring of candidates. Even if some questions had been resolved as “BONUS” questions, some were not even noticed. It had been observed that, even if a question had multiple answers, the board awarded marks only to the candidates, who attempted at least one of them. A similar trend was followed in this year’s JEE Main paper too.  Some candidates are pretty unhappy and understandably so. As quoted by one of them,“I did not blacken any answer options since I did not get a single answer. Nobody would imagine that a question can have two correct answers. I spent over 10 minutes on each”.

If we remove the glitches and review the overall paper, it is balanced in all respects. The paper has the difficulty level apt for a national level entrance examination. Repetition of the questions is also rare which ensures each candidate is judged on the lines of his capability. But it is often observed that every year there is a drastic change in the difficulty of any one section. We cannot take a clear stand though as this has its own merits and demerits in the long run.

Repeated mistakes in JEE Main raise questions on the sincerity, capability, and integrity of the paper setters. The examination has a serious role in the life of an aspirant; their career lies at stake. The outcome of the examination has grave consequences. It is also a stepping stone for the people who wish to seek seats in IIT’s. This matter cannot be taken lightly. CBSE must take required steps to ensure proper protocol is maintained for making the paper error free. It can also be made possible to include officials from other institutes to revise the paper before finalizing it. We hope the CBSE board realize its mistake and makes an attempt to rectify them.

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