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In every step of success, we all to practice well as well as perform well. Likewise, when we prepare for IIT-JEE, students do a lot of efforts but still a few of them make it to IITs. Why, you ask? Because of not being aware of some not-to-do list for IIT JEE Advanced exam. So what are the mistakes made in JEE Advanced by students while preparing?

Mistakes Made In JEE Advanced:

Here are top 5 mistakes made in JEE Advanced that you should avoid making:

  1. Irregularity in studies:

    To be regular and steady is important in any field, especially where competition is cut-throat. So, one should ensure to be regular in studies. It enhances our understanding plus keeps our momentum in the studies. In the beginning 25-30 hours per week is enough, but after that, one should increase the hours of study.

  2. JEE Advance is difficult:

    Common fear among students is that, JEE Advance is difficult to tackle, but it is not. The same basics are needed for JEE Advanced also. The course is even less than that of JEE Mains. Do not need to read a lot of Syllabus and do very-very tough problems just before the exam. Some buy a lot of books and that is avoidable.

  3. Rely on the institute too much:

    Many parents do this common mistake, some students also. If you are in a prestigious institute, the success is not guaranteed. Parents only care about money and facilities provided. Institute works for you, it depends how you use your institute for your benefit.

  4. Laziness and lack of self-confidence while preparing

    It happens with some students that they look at the answer of a question without putting hard effort to it. While preparing for JEE advanced you have enough time to explore yourself, so try to first solve a problem to gain confidence. And also one should not show the laziness to attend the tough questions while preparing. Not up to the mark performance in JEE Mains and board can also demoralize you, but one should understand the difference and forget the previous drawbacks.

  5. Enjoy too much

    It is advisable to refresh mind when one study a lot, and it is must. But if it is too much, it can distract from the Goal. This will try to break your concentration and determination. So it is very much important to avoid exceeding the limit of enjoyment.

So these are 5 mistakes that one should avoid while preparing for JEE. If you are able to recognize and avoid the mistakes, the path of success will be much easier to crack.

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