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AIIMS can be termed as every aspiring doctor’s dream. It has such a high-status that people passing out from it are taken in by other institutions simply because of this institute. The students passing out of AIIMS get more respect than people who have cleared any other exam. With AIIMS being one of the toughest entrance exam, we bring you a small list of ‘mistakes to avoid in AIIMS’ while preparing for and writing this exam.

Mistakes to avoid in AIIMS

You are strongly advised against attempting any new topics during the closing lap of your training for AIIMS 2015.

If you are intelligent enough to understand by simply reading books you can study on your own. If you are unable to understand by reading the books, coaching teachers can help in clearing your concepts. This will help you avoid making conceptual mistakes during the exam.

Mistakes to avoid in AIIMS on the exam day

1. Silly errors are the direct outcome of a disorderly mind. Try keeping your brain free of concerns. Have belief in the preparations you have done. Try telling yourself that you’ve prepared excellently and now you must do your best. A composed state of mind lessens the pressure of the examination and lets you concentrate during the exam.

2. Try completing each and every section 10 minutes ahead of the time stipulated and leave the final 10 minutes for verifying what you have written in the answer sheet and trying to solve the question you had doubts on.

3. Avoid hurrying to wrap up the examination as soon as possible. Even though it is vital that you finish within the stipulated time, hurrying could result in you marking the incorrect answers

4. Try avoiding mistakes while filling in the information required, such as your name, roll no. and so on. Also read the instructions properly and don’t do the mistake of using a pen where pencil must be used, as per instructions given.

5. Avoid commencing with the questions that you find tough as this possibly will hamper your self-assurance. Instead try solving the questions you are confident about so that you feel encouraged.  Try not brooding over the tricky questions, if you are not aware of the answers to them. Keep in mind that this is thought to be a tough entrance exam and everyone sitting for this exam would be having the same feeling as you. Avoid wasting an excessive amount of time on a question.

Keep reading as much as you can and keep these pointers in mind. We wish you best of luck for AIIMS 🙂

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