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Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Mock test for NEET helps students prepare for the entrance exam. This increases the chances of students scoring a high percentile. Moreover, students rely on various resources to prepare for NEET – some solve previous years’ papers, some rely on reference books study material and some prepare with NEET free mock tests. Similarly, Toppr Scholarship Test for Aptitude and Reasoning  (T-STAR), an online aptitude test, helps students in realising the areas where they need to work on.

Our T-STAR test is curated to test your knowledge and preparation for the NEET exams. Post the test, we provide an in-depth report with Rank, Percentile, Subject-Wise performance & more.

What is NEET Mock test?

Mock test for NEET helps students in gaining confidence for the final exams. These tests are curated in a way where your knowledge, time management and solving tests under pressure is thoroughly tested. Once you are acclimated to handling the pressure, your pathway to becoming a ranker in the NEET exam will be clear.

Benefits of Mock Tests

1) Improves Attention Span

NEET mock tests put your mental bandwidth and attention span to test. Since the exam is for 3 hours, many-a-times students’ minds start wandering around and the next thing you know 5-10 minutes have already passed. Staying focused at all times is the key. This is only possible if you practice the mock test for NEET enough almost on a daily basis towards the last couple of days of your exams.

2) Strengthens Your Study Preparation

As and when you practice for the NEET mock test online free, you will come across a variety of unique questions. Imagine coming across a new question in the final NEET exam that you have never practiced before? It will be challenging. You will nonetheless solve the question but a lot of time will pass by then. These mock tests will give you exposure to new sets of topics – reducing your question-solving time in the entrance exam.

3) Builds Question Awareness

NEET mock tests give you an understanding of which questions are repeated. You can then double down on the concepts and secure out of marks in that area. Cracking NEET is a challenge but with smart preparation and constant perseverance, everything is possible. 

4) Analyzes Strengths and Weaknesses

The best part of NEET mock tests? You get to analyze your weak areas and know your strengths. This will help you in prioritizing your studies. 

5) Increases Performance

Mock tests give students a NEET exam-like-setup where the clock is constantly ticking. Those who know how to manage their time well stand a good chance of securing a higher rank. To master this art of time management, practice as many free NEET mock test as possible.

These benefits make NEET mock tests a must-have addition to your preparation schedule.

Why Preparation with Toppr is the Key

There is plenty of information available on the internet for NEET preparation. From NEET mock test pdf to NEET mock test papers, everything is available on the internet.

Moreover, with Toppr NEET, students gain access to live classes, 24×7 doubt solving, Bi-Weekly mock tests for NEET, adaptive assignments and much more. Let us take you through how you can study with Toppr.

How to Practice Mock test for NEET with Toppr

Step 1: Visit the Toppr website and log in to your Toppr Account (Existing users)/ Register for your Toppr Account (New users)

Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Step 2: Select the Practice section on the left side

Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Step 3: Scroll under the Practice section to Practice with Exam Prep and Select ADD

Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Step 4: Add the competitive exam (NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CBSE, & more) for which you want to attempt the mock test

Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Step 5: Sign in on the given date and attempt your mock test to better your learnings. All the best!

Mock test for NEET
Mock test for NEET

Expert Tips and Tricks to Master Your NEET Studies

Here are some important tips and tricks to ace the NEET exam

  • Plan a proper study schedule
  • Focus on all the concepts from physics, chemistry and biology and learn them in-depth
  • Practice all the diagrams and charts for better retention during the exams
  • Take sufficient breaks from studies to avoid burnout
  • Remember all the prefixes to define characteristics properly
  • Create pneumonics and phrases to revise the initials of a diagram or any elements
  • Prepare notes and flashcards to revise concepts wherever you are
  • Learn essential tips for Physics, Chemistry and Biology syllabus in-depth
  • Exercise daily for mental peace and tranquillity
  • Solve previous years’ papers and mock test for NEET

FAQs for NEET mock tests

Q) How many questions in NEET 2021 will be from Biology?

A) A total of 90 questions are asked from the subject. Students should work on their strategy accordingly.

Q) How many times do I get to attempt mock test for NEET with Toppr?

A) We conduct bi-weekly tests until the NEET exams near. The mock tests for NEET are curated specifically to help students prepare for the final entrance exam. Register with Toppr to learn better.

Q) Will NEET 2021 be conducted twice?

A) No specific details are out yet. The tentative date for the exams is around July.

Q) What is the ideal time to start solving NEET mock tests?

A) As per many NEET experts and toppers, the ideal time to start solving NEET mock tests is when you have completed at least 50% of the syllabus. At this stage, solving NEET mock tests will boost your confidence since you will be able to attempt the maximum amount of the question paper and also check how much you have regained from the concepts.

Q) Are NEET mock tests enough for cracking the exam?

A) The answer to your question is no. NEET is the only medical entrance test in India – making the standards and difficulty level of the examination very high. Students wishing to ace the examination must complete studying the NEET syllabus for the examination first. NEET mock tests are a crucial part of the preparation but depending solely on mock tests is not advised.

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