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Science and modern technology have taken giant strides in the last century and lead to some path breaking innovations and inventions. Advancements in modern technologies have led to inventions of many gadgets which have changed the way we perceive the world. The digitisation of most of the operations, our life has become easier. We have been successful in using the science and technological innovation to our advantage. From medicine to banking and travelling to connecting, technology has taken giant leaps.

1. Telecommunication

The telegraph was a milestone in the world of long distance communication. It gave way to telephone conversation. Soon enough the wires were taken out of the equation and we could talk on the phone, no matter where we were. These nifty little device, (not too little once upon a time) make sure that people can reach us and communicate emergency messages even if we are not at our homes or offices.

2. Smartphones

It is now possible to talk to a person who is sitting thousands of mile away while seeing him live on our computers and hand-held devices. The mobile phone that you hold inside your pocket is a powerful computer in itself, which can can let you perform complex jobs with ease. It can show you the right way, if you have gone astray. It can entertain you with music and videos, if you are bored. Mobile phones are just one of the several such amazing things that modern technology has given to us.

3. Computers

It is not possible to talk about smartphones without first giving credit to computers, which later evolved into the sleek device you carry around in your pocket today. They let you play games and watch movies, and they help experts predict hurricanes and launch satellites into space. Programmers use them to create games for mobiles and other computers, while scientists use them to push the boundaries of quantum physics even further.

4. Aircrafts

Travelling hundreds of kilometers now takes hours instead of months. You need to travel from America to Australia? You will be there before the day is over! Air travel had brought the world closer, and has made it possible for people to visit every corner of the Earth. Travelling quickly in case of an emergency is finally possible. The efforts of Air India in evacuating Indians from the war struck Yemen is a fine example of how far air travel has evolved.

5. Spacecrafts and Satellites

Speaking of outer space, humankind has been sending space missions for several decades now. In a place where there is no air or water or food, modern technology has taught us how to survive. Our satellites have gone beyond the solar system and traverse even greater distances with each passing year. We recently landed a rover on the Mars, and launch thousands of satellites into our orbit every year!

6. Modern medicine

The modern day medicine has defeated some of the most feared diseases of the last century. Infections and organ failure can now be treated with a lot higher chances of success and the combined efforts of the doctors and medical experts have increased the average human life be decades. Every field of medicine is making incredible progress and the world is becoming a safer and healthier place to live in thanks to these medical marvels.

One key thing to note is how so many modern day wonders of technology are related to each other. The invention of telegraphs ultimately made it possible to have telephones and the internet. The fabrication of the first computer gave us our iPhones and Android phones. One innovation fuels the next one, and the future holds even more wonders for us!

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