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Our mothers make the world go round, right from eating cerelac to chinese, she’s been by our side. Sometimes sharing a laugh, sometimes teaching us right from wrong, sometimes cheering us on, but most times yelling at us till we do it right! It’s a universal right to be able to taunt your children and our mothers are masters of the trade.

These little mummy-remarks are dialogues we’ve grown up listening to, they’ll take you through your childhood like nothing else will…

1. Is this a house or a hotel?


2. Main tiffin kyu banau agar tum canteen se samosa khaane wale ho?


3. Tumhara geela towel bed pe kyu pada hai?


4. *Looks at your study table* Is kachre mein tumhe books kaise milti hain? Saaf karo usse.


5. Time pe aa jana


6. Video game niche rakho, pehle khana khao.


7. Jab tak tum homework nahi complete karte, tab tak tum TV nahi dekho ge


8. Bola than na maine, par tumhe sunna hi nahi hai, jo karna hai karo.


9. Bas ye sal padh lo, uske baad enjoy!


10. Papa ko bolu?

But these are the little things without which our day feels incomplete. No matter how much she yells or taunts, the surface of it all is pure and immeasurable amounts of love. The kind of love that is irreplaceable.

Happy Mothers Day to all the awesome mothers out there!

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