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The Arabs that set sails to the coasts of India had a strong ally with them: the Monsoon winds. Monsoon is hence derived from  the Arabic word “Mausam” which stands for season. Strong monsoonal winds bring with them much awaited rains during the summer and winter seasons. Predicting monsoon is difficult as its pulsating in nature and  affected by various factors as it arrives on the subcontinent.

Summer showers  last around June to September every year, the amount of rainfall varying accordingly. They are bought to the subcontinent by advancing monsoon-winds. Normally, it ensures Agricultural growth which in-turn contributes to an increase in the GDP(Gross domestic Product) of our country. Around 60% of Indians work in Agricultural and related activities and these activities account for around 20% of our GDP, thus proving their contribution to our growth story. Abnormal winds though have a devastating impact on the agriculture sector as crops get destroyed by ill-timed rains.

Our rivers, lakes and aquifers get a huge annual refill from the monsoon showers. An abnormal or excess of this, though, can cause floods. Flash floods can cause immense loss of human lives as most towns undergo erratic unplanned expansions. The flora and fauna rely heavily on monsoonal showers. The winds thus maintain important balance in the ecosystem.

Winter seasonal rains are bought by the retreating monsoon winds. Crops such as Rice rely on these rains heavily. The winter monsoons affect mostly southern parts of our country . The water bodies in these regions get their share of rainfall in the months of November to January as they are mostly left out of the summer winds.

The monsoon winds bind the whole country into one as they bring similar weather conditions throughout. Most Harvest festivals are celebrated at the end of a monsoon cycle around February. Its impact, socially and economically is so immense that its rightly called the Real Finance minister of India!

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