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Mood Indigo: The Biggest Festival in Asia

It’s that time of the year again when everybody loves their institute. All club rivalries are forgotten, and the entire campus presents a united front as throngs of outsiders flow into the college. For engineering students, the honeymoon period is indeed the eagerly awaited – Mood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay!

As a student of IIT Bombay, let me take the privilege of giving you a small glimpse of how the eponymous Mood Indigo takes form from scratch and its execution in the chilly days of mid-December.

An Overview of the Organizing Committees

The planning for the four-day extravaganza starts almost eight months before the actual fest dates. The entire festival follows a chain of command model, where everyone reports to their immediate superiors who are one year senior. It is headed by two fourth-year students, known as the overall coordinators. Next in line are 22 third-year students who form the core group, and the members are known as core group members or CGs. These 24 people form a governing council and handle every aspect of the fest.

The 22 CGs are segregated into different departments like media and publicity, marketing, creatives, etc. The second-year students work as coordinators and can opt for multiple departments. Students who are enthusiastic about the process are eligible to be a part of the planning gang. Coordinators from the first-year are at the bottom of the pyramid.

The Various Stages of Planning

The preparations kick start in the summers and include breakneck work. Tons of ideation meetings are conducted by the 24 members of the core group. These CGs also conduct separate meets with their department’s coordinators on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The meets are the most fun part and involve pulling people’s legs and chilling out. On many occasions, the CGs generously loosen their purse strings for the coordinators and finance small treats. Nah, don’t you dare call it bribery. It’s merely an advance remuneration (that’s how we see it, yeah). 

The academic sessions begin soon after summers. It is the time when the jockeying starts in full swing. While the finer details of how every event shall take place are slowly taking shape, the wide-eyed freshmen are now lured into becoming organizers.

Every department cries itself hoarse by glorifying their work to epic proportions. Then the organizers, with their respective coordinators in tow, slowly provide the finishing touches to the festival. They also smoothen the last-minute details by communicating with the artists and celebrities. The Facebook walls of the organizers are increasingly splashed with the Mood Indigo publicity posts as the fest nears. In the end, all the months of hard work put in by the 1000 students finally culminate into the four days of Mood Indigo.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Asia’s largest cultural festival comes into being. It starts merely as a seed in somebody’s mind and becomes a leviathan of an event, attracting close to a quarter of a million people from across India and abroad. I can’t possibly do justice to the magnum opus of IITB in merely 500 words, can I? 

IIT Bombay has a lot to offer people, beyond the much-anticipated cultural festival. You can take a deep dive into the world of IIT Bombay here.

You could also take a look at Thomso, the cultural festival of IIT Roorke here.

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