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Your first teacher is always the one who leaves a lasting impression and for most of us, it’s our mother. It’s not the A for Apple, B for Ball kind of teaching, it’s the kind of lessons that stay with us for life: character traits. That’s what determines the kind of person you turn out to be. Our mothers instill the best kind of traits among us by showing us a standard to live up to.


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A mother’s umbrella of concern extends far and wide. She goes out of her way to help not only her loved ones, but anyone in need of help or care. Be it something as simple as packing an extra tiffin for all your friends to share.


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We’ve seen her give up her seat on the bus for elders, serve our grandparents before anyone else in the family and make decisions in harmony with our father. She respects not only people but also their choices.


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She makes that pasta for us even if she’s had a long day at work. She picks us up from school even though she has to be at ten other places. She never tells us how much she does, never makes us feel bad about asking for more.


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The clock never stops for a mother. Always on the go, right from waking up at 7 am and packing your tiffin, to tucking you in bed at night.  She works hard everyday to give you everything you deserve and more.


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Mothers loves without conditions, without an upper limit, she loves you come hail or sunshine and the amount never wavers. No matter how many mistakes you make or how many green vegetables you waste, she’ll love you for your imperfections.

These are the lessons you need to take with you into the world, because these are the qualities that make our mothers so very amazing.

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