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Last week saw history repeat itself, as it does every June in the world of  Competitive prelimnary exams: The JEE Advanced results were announced. The successful were soaking into their new found status and respect while the others searching for better options. In the middle of all this happiness,glory, grief and desperation was one thing that stood out.

JEE Advanced  AIR 11 gets BMW” the news column read. At first it was a bit odd to read such kind of news in the national media. The director of an institute in Kota decided to gift his car to any student who scored an AIR less than 20. And so it happened that one of his boys made his way up to 11.

Prominent coaching institutes have a tradition of gifting students, some give books to the achievers, some give andriod tablets and others give bags, pens and loads of other motivational stuff.But none have offered a classy sedan worth 18Lakhs to a student. The mere futility of such a gift lies in the fact that the student won’t even have time, energy or resources to make use of it in IITB (Assuming he opts for it as the trends suggest) as students are only  allowed to keep cycles!

Some might say it was a form of motivation, or a sort of prize so that everyone in the batch performs their utmost to earn it, be worth it. Yet there are others who believe this is a mere mockery in the name of motivation, a display of ones wealth in the most preposterous manner: giving away a used foriegn made sedan to someone who has nothing to do with it. Kota saw a total of 11 student suicides in 2014 and 24 in 2015, raising doubts about the cutthroat competitive culture of the famous coaching stronghold.

Subtle motivative bonuses and gifts have proven to yeild better output from a working class, a second had BMW doesn’t count as “subtle”. In my opinion, those  Coaching institutes who wish to motivate their students can do so by paying off a part of their college tuition fee or taking a step ahead waiving off their own fees.These practices are already being undertaken by some Coaching centres.Gifts must remain to their purpose and somehow aid in the students life, so that she or he feels motivated and not greedy.The world of an engineering or medical aspirant will be a better place of such motivational practices are adopted.

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