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Finding the Motivation to Study:

Do you think staying positive and focused is going to be an easy-breezy task while managing 12th Board Exams and JEE Main preparations? Well, think again. Most of the 12th standard students are often perplexed as to how to strike the right balance and find it difficult to cope up with the pressure. Multi-tasking is certainly tricky.

Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pass with flying colours by going through those sleepless nights to finish the syllabus and solving those extra problems to get an edge over others. Those who become too serious and cut off themselves from the outer world start finding studies a burden and it affects their learning ability. Thanks to peer pressure, there are chances of students creeping into depression as well.

Maybe, you don’t realise it! In the process of trying to juggle, you are mentally exhausted, So, it’s crucial to constantly find your motivation to study, and to keep working hard until that exam date. But how do we achieve that?

In this post, I will discuss how to keep yourself enthused and stay at the top of the game while balancing boards and JEE preparation. Hop on, guys; I promise you a worthwhile read.

Have a Plan

Before we get started with any tips for finding that motivation to study, understand that it’s important to have a goal and plan in mind. If there’s no plan, you are just running a marathon without a destination. Here are a few quick points to keep in mind while formulating an effective plan :-

  • Include the entire JEE syllabus while making the plan. It’ll help you organize topics into manageable pieces.
  • Set deadlines to complete topics by the set dates. Write it down in the plan. This will help you measure your progress and act as a motivator.
  • Be realistic while balancing Boards and JEE preparations. Trying to do too much will cause stress and disappointment. It is important that you de-stress yourself from time to time. Read about why recreation is quite important during preparationhere.

Positive Self-Affirmation

Ever come across those preachy, positive aura videos or articles that ask you to keep that ear-to-ear smile intact on your toughest days? Whether you like it or not, they do hold some truth. So, when you are not able to solve that problem even after spending hours on it and reach a point of throwing out your book, remind yourself to stay sane. Remember, that all the students who are preparing for JEE are going through the same struggle and tell yourself 5 times aloud that “No one is smarter than Me.” Trust me, it really works. Right from when you wake up in the morning, it will keep you motivated and you will not feel bad when your friends are watching TV or going to movies.

Watch this Motivational Video by Sai Sandeep – AIR 1, IIT JEE 2013

Why Failure is Good for Success

Struggle to understand what lies beneath your failures, and what you are truly made of. Get engrossed in the world of knowledge; only to fall and rise once you’ve understood why you fell. Fear will always be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much. You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future, but the truth is always what’s in front of our eyes. So, get one fact right. You can fail as much as you want to, but there’s always going to be a learning curve (only if you choose to see it).

Reward Yourself Daily

Keep a daily goal. It could be finishing a certain topic that day or solving all the difficult problems in a week’s time. Once you finish your goal, reward yourself with small joys; may be that ice-cream you love or that TV sitcom you’ve been dying to catch up with. Take some time at the end of the day and reward yourself. It will rejuvenate your mind and also subconsciously encourage you to achieve goals often.

Build Endurance

Since it is a long season of examinations that spans across two to three months, it is important to build endurance. A healthy body and fit mind will definitely help you find that little motivation to study in the final year of your preparation. You need to ensure that there are no distractions and the concentration levels are maintained. Keeping healthy and getting regular sleep is an important part of the entire process. Without a healthy body, all your preparations will go down the drain.

Just keep calm and study smart! You can ace both exams. Good luck!

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