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The entire generation is based on multitasking and not that they are bounded to do it, it’s just that they are compelled and convinced to do it. In the present era of we workers believe in the ideology of multitasking and this has helped them work as well as enjoy at the same time. This might come as a surprise for people who believe in one task at a time that multitasking is actually a necessity more than a desire or a personal choice.

Since Internet has multiple information and we have multiple errands to run at the same time like face booking, shopping, sending a work email or drafting an important presentation, these tasks will be done simultaneously for sure without a doubt. There is no Internet geek around, who uses a computer or a laptop daily and just sticks to only one boring and monotonous task at one time. Well, Hello who can draft that silly “important” email or presentation with full energy focused on one singular task? I guess most of us got the point, I am trying to portray here.

Since the idea portrayed above has mellowed the heads of my fellow workers and frequent Internet visitors, but at the same time would have juggled the heads of seasonal Internet visitors. The biggest question, which rises and is probably the question of the hour, is that seriously multitasking makes people more productive? Not really, it might stick your to your lappy for a longer period of time but the productivity quotient is still amateur. The productivity that can come and be achieved in an hour would be achieved in two hours or more, this actually depends on the distraction level of an individual.

How exactly does multitasking affect us?


Let’s find out that in what amounts and in what contexts, does multitasking affect an individual:

Starting from the big brain:

Our Brain has a habit or say is accustomed to concentrate on one single task at a time. If you are doing multitasking then probably you are toying with your brain. The brain takes multi tasking as a constant interruption and if multitasking is being done at a higher rate then it can bring higher levels of stress. The cognitive overload can dull the brain’s reaction times and can eventually damage it. The good news is that the brain can be brought back to its healthy state if proper brain exercises are being done. Now this is a task.

Less productivity on the way:

Probably you are efficient and have managed to complete two tasks in the name of one but down the line, you are getting prone to less productivity because of the brain. Studies have proved multi tasking brings productivity down to 40%.

Dumb is the word coming crawling to you:

The University of London has found out that multitasking or an attempt to commit cognitive tasks can lower the IQ scores and this is a bad sign for people who work continuously for log hours and depend upon Internet for earning money.

Probability of staying less organized:

Multitasking is another word for being less organized. Multitasking keeps the mind engaged in the important task that we have actually logged in t do. Instead it makes the mind busy in tasks that are less organized and distract mind easily, examples of which include ecommerce shopping and popular YouTube. We tend to indulge in less organized stuff and this gradually increases out habits to stay that way. We can assemble our closet but assembling a computer is hell of a task.

Multitasking sometimes can mess up different things, but if managed properly, can prove extremely effective to you. Go ahead, try it. All the best 🙂

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