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IIT and stories of IITians are often the hottest topics discussed among IIT aspirants & their parents. Often, discussions on it have a lot of rumors & wrong information circulating around, which adds to the already hyped IITs. More so like the game of Chinese whisper, the information that is passed on from one individual to another is blown out of proportion ultimately leading to several myths about IIT colleges and the education provided there.

Myths about IIT

IIT graduates are definitely considered to be the first choice in the corporate world. It is a matter of great pride & honor to graduate from an IIT institute. But one must first have their facts cleared on the IITs & its students & not just go by what’s said in the market about them. Today, in our article we will clearly bring out the myths about IIT that every aspirant misinterprets vefore becoming an IITian.

  • IIT JEE, the entrance exam to get into IIT, is nearly impossible to crack:

    This is one of the biggest myths about IIT. IIT entrance exams are no doubt difficult but nothing is impossible. With proper planning & efforts put together, one can surely make it possible. Students are mostly bogged down by the hype created about the difficulty level of these exams. But there are a number of ways to successfully clear the so called tough exams. To crack the IIT JEE exam you have some of the best coaching classes and online learning platfoms that can surely help you get through the exam.

  • IIT students undergo extreme pressure & need to study 24/7:

    People are often under the impression that the students of IIT are under tremendous pressure all the time. They are always assumed to be emotionally unstable & under depression. Well the fact is, it is not as dramatic as it sounds. The truth is, yes, there is certain amount of academic pressure in IITs, as compared to other engineering colleges. But the pressure is never more than what cannot be handled. Being the cream of the lot, all the IITians can easily handle the academic pressure. People usually feel the students in the IITs are book worms & have their lives revolving around books. This is one big misconception that most have. Life in IIT is not just about exams. The institute encourages for extracurricular activities as well.

  • It’s very easy to get placed if you’re an IITian:

    No doubt IITians are the most sought after students & the most preferred in the corporate world. But even though they have better opportunities for placements, they still need to put in equal amount of efforts as students from other colleges do to get to the top. The fact is that they too have tough competition to get the best job & a fat pay cheque. In this cut throat competitive world, it is indeed a myth that IITians get easily placed based on the name of the institution they come from & enjoy 100% placements.

  • IITian’s are highly paid individuals in the corporate world:

    It has always been an exaggeration when people speak about the pay package of an IITian. The average package of an IITian is INR 6-8 lakh. The big numbers that we usually hear are the highest packages offered to graduates for jobs in abroad. But the fact is, not all IITian get such jobs with huge pay cheques.

  • All IITians prefer getting into software or IT firms:

    It is a myth that all IITians are only interested in technology and wish to make their careers in only IT or software firms. In fact, there are some of the best IITians who are successful in diverse fields like entrepreneurs, advertising & marketing fields, banking sectors, and so on.

In short, possessing an IIT degree does not mean you are successful in life. Everyone, whether an IITian or not, have equal opportunities to prove themselves. It is your ability, skills, & efforts that makes you a successful person & not just the name of the institute from where you have graduated.

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