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The National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, 2009 (NCF 2009) is a Government of India draft. However, its sole purpose is to propose any changes or updates that the National Council for Teacher Education requires. Moreover, the National Council for Teacher Education is an Indian Government body.

Brief Introduction of the NCF 2009

This framework is the creation and project of the National Council for Teacher Education. Further, it encourages interested elements and parties to provide their views on improving the system. In other words, this endeavor aims at encouraging opinion on qualitative and quantitative educational improvements. Moreover, the NCF 2009 also aims to help teachers in the following aspects.

  • Professionalization of teacher education
  • Further, prepare teacher educators
  • ODL (open and distant learning) in teacher education
  • Vocational education for teachers
  • Also, health and physical education for teachers
  • Research and innovations in teacher education is critical as well

Core Purpose of the NCF 2009

Following are some of the focus areas that the NCF 2009 targets. Therefore, discussed below are the core objectives of this framework.

  1. Context, Concerns and Vision of Teacher Education
  2. Curricular Areas of Initial Teacher Education
  3. Sample Redesigned Schemas of Current Teacher Education Programmes
  4. Evaluating The Developing Teacher
  5. In-Service Education and Continuous Professional Development
  6. Preparing Teacher Educators

This framework is systematic and comprehensive when it comes to drafting the curriculum for the teacher education. However, it highlights the strategies regarding how to implement it. Also, almost every aspect of the teachers education receives preference in this framework. Following are some of the critical points upon scrutinizing the framework:

  • This framework ensures every sphere of education – theoretical, practical, psychological, philosophical and socio-economic aspect.
  • Further, in this framework Area-C is very crucial and essential part of teacher education program. This area focuses on the practice teaching and innovative programs which are bound to enrich teacher education.

ncf 2009

Features of the NCF ’09

  1. Social and personal needs of children

    The framework often considers teachers to be the agent for social transformation. Moreover, it is very important that the education and teachings are close in relation to the personal and social life of students. In addition, it is all the more crucial that the teacher education is relevant to the student’s needs and aspirations. Therefore, the council should ensure that the student curriculum and the teacher education is in coordination with one another.

  2. Flexibility

    Education plays a vital role in providing an overall knowledge to students. Education should include the inclusion of various theories, fields and streams. Some of the few areas that it includes are psychology, sociology, economics and philosophies such as science and math. However, it is also important to make sure that it is easy for students to shift from one stream to another without much hazard. And with the changing and developing trends in science and technology, flexibility is essential. In order to make the best of the condition and reap the most benefits without causing harm to the resources of nature, being well educated is important rather than being ill-educated. Here comes the role of flexibility in education – be it student education or teacher education.

  3. Changing and emerging needs of the school

    With emergence in science, social trends, technological advancements and research growth, it is safe to say that education should be taken up a notch. With regard to the changing needs of the society, it is rather important that education should include an upgrade from time to time. Therefore, considering the above condition, the council and the education institution should provide an updated course for both teachers and students to match the emerging needs of the school.

Solved Questions for You

What is the course structure of the NCF 2009?

The course structure of the framework includes the following.

  • Perspectives in education
  • Curriculum and pedagogic studies
  • Engagement with the field

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