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NCERT books for Class 11 are really helpful for the student’s academic preparation. NCERT has its own set of books for subjects like chemistry, maths, physics etc. It is to be noted that once you go through and solve the chapters from these books, you will be in a position to answer 70 percent questions in the question paper. This is so because these books aim to create a strong base for students by not only clearing the concepts but also by sharing relevant examples. This facilitates learning of crystal clear concepts.

NCERT books explain the chapter in a manner that is not only to the point but is extremely concise and compact. This prevents the student from wasting unduly time and energy on portions that are of lesser importance and concentrate on areas that require special attention.

The students can either opt for the paperback option or purchase the books either from a store or online, or they can also download the PDF version of the various books. Maximum questions that are included in the question sheets are from these books itself.

  1. NCERT Class 11 Mathematics: Download Here
  2. NCERT Class 11 Physics 1: Download Here
  3. NCERT Class 11 Physics 2: Download Here
  4. NCERT Class 11 Chemistry 1: Download Here
  5. NCERT Class 11 Chemistry 2: Download Here
  6. NCERT Class 11 Biology: Download Here

Following are the prescribed NCERT Books for Class 11:

  1. Aroh – Hindi Core Book
  2. Vitan – Supplementary Hindi
  3. Antara – Hindi Literature
  4. Antaral – Supplementary Hindi Literature
  5. Abhvyakti Aur Madhyam – Hindi
  6. Hornbill – English Core
  7. Snapshot – Supplementary English Core
  8. Owoen words – Literature for English
  9. NCERT Mathematics
  10. NCERT Biology
  11. NCERT Chemistry – part 1
  12. NCERT Chemistry – part 2
  13. NCERT Physics – part 1
  14. NCERT Physics – part 2
  15. Themes of the World – History
  16. Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  17. NCERT Economics – Statistics
  18. India Physical Environment
  19. Practical Work – Geography
  20. Indian Economic development
  21. Indian Constitution at Work
  22. Political Theory – part 2
  23. Sociology – part 1
  24. Understanding the Society – part 2
  25. NCERT Business Studies
  26. NCERT Accounts – Part 1
  27. NCERT Accounts – Part 2
  28. NCERT Psychology
  29. Computers and Communication Technology – part 1
  30. Computers and Communication Technology – part 2
  31. Srijan
  32. Living Craft Tradition
  33. The story of Graphic Design
  34. Human Ecology and Family Science Part 1
  35. Human Ecology and Family Science Part 2
  36. Exploring the Craft Tradition of India
  37. An Introduction to Indian Art

These books can be seen as the ultimate guides to scoring well in your Class 11 exams and attaining a full proof understanding of the most important and crucial concepts. There will be some other reference material, say for example R. S. Aggarwal in mathematics. But NCERT should be considered as the Bible.

It is to be noted that NCERT revises its books to suit the changing needs of both, academic and social conditions and hence the student is advised to be up to date with the information of the latest books published by NCERT and available in the market.

The reason why NCERT books are important for the examinations is that NCERT sets syllabus for the session based on the content of the book. Hence, it is also said that if a student aims to score 90 plus marks in their examinations, they must study the book cover to cover. Further, each book has in it some questions after every chapter. These questions give you an overview of the full chapter and act as a guide to understand the kind of questions that can be asked in the finals. While reading the NCERT books for Class 11, reading between the lines is extremely important. This will not only enable you to score well in your paper but also assist you in understanding which field of study gauges your interest the most.

On asking students who have appeared for examinations, it was found out that all those students who were through with the prescribed books, solved the question paper easily as compared to those who were not well read. Hence, being ready and determined will definitely give you an edge over all the other students and help to be beneficial in the long run. NCERT is well aware of the fact that what one learns in class 11 forms the base of class 12. Hence, the manner in which the chapters are explained and questions are framed contributes to the same goal. We are not saying that reference work is not required, it definitely is. But let the prescribed NCERT books for Class 11 be the first leg of the competition and the others can follow suit.

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