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In purview of the limited availability of NCERT books, CBSE released a notice which asks CBSE schools to raise their demands of NCERT books apriori. The notice was dated 14th February, 2017.

An assessment of NCERT books’ requirement, for classes 1st to 12th, has to be done; and raised on an online portal provided on CBSE’s official website. This online indent by the schools will be shared with CBSE’s empanelled 680 vendors who are spread across the country. These books will be available at discount to the schools according to NCERT’s discount policies.

It is to be noted that the link to raise the demand will remain active from 15th February to 22nd February. This demand will be treated as demand for the Assessment Year 2017-2018. The demands can only be raised once & partial demands will not be entertained. The schools have to raise the request through their login credentials.

The decision comes after a review meeting, chaired by Hon. MoHRD Prakash Javadekar, on the use of NCERT books in CBSE schools. The cause of concern was the delay due to limited availability of certain books. A prior accurate estimate can definitely help remedy this delay.

While it comes as a relief to many, it can be a cause of concern for others. Let’s weigh this decision out for our own good.

NCERT Books compulsory – Let’s Weigh it Out?


This will act as a deterrent to the schools which prescribe books of other (more expensive) publications from Class 1st to Class 8th. These books are often a rip-off against the more economical NCERT books. And there are many parents who can’t afford these expensive books. Nevertheless, to make them available to their wards, they have to find ways to acquire the textbooks cheaply. This causes serious delays in their kid’s education.


Other than the economy point of view, there had been discontent amongst parents, in the past, over the quality of material NCERT has to offer. This has been a major reason why many parents prefer to enroll their kids in an ICSE affiliated school. Whenever faced with questions on quality of material, however, CBSE has maintained its stand that the material is enough for the students to clear the most difficult entrance examinations, which should be sufficient. While reactions to this decision are no doubtedly mixed, this will definitely make education more uniform throughout the country.


All said about the monopoly NCERT books will enjoy after the decision, it will prepare the students better for the entrance examinations – be it medical or engineering. It has been observed in the past that there have been problems inspired directly from the NCERT books’ examples or ‘points to ponder’ section or exercise problems.

A uniformity may also act as a drive to embark upon major improvements in NCERT books’ quality in the future. What’s worth wondering is if the call for uniformity, through recent decisions of CBSE such as this one or NEET or single engineering entrance exam, could be an indication to standardising the education throughout the country i.e. One Board throughout? Only time will tell that.

As long as the students are concerned, we should be adaptable to such changes and these should not distract us from our primary motives. As Forrest Gump rightly said- ‘No matter what happens, never ever take your eyes off the ball!‘.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Do share your opinions on this decision by the board. For more interesting reads and important updates keep reading Toppr Bytes.

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