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Some Of The Must Read NCERT Textbooks:

Preparation for exams is a process which require an overall development of your understanding of the subject. This rigorous process demands going through the appropriate study material and solving tricky numericals along with an efficient revision. The most significant role played here is that of the study material for it is the first concrete base on which further understanding is based. Most CBSE-affiliated schools in today’s time offer to teach their syllabus through NCERT books. The NCERT books are best known for their simplicity and putting out concepts as they are without diving much deep into more complex theories.

Why NCERT books?

You must be very focused about the study material you choose to read and hence making the decision can become a tough task at times. We help you understand why NCERT books are at the top of its game in few factors:

  • Recommended and Accepted throughout the nation, private and public schools alike.
  • Easily available in even remote areas and cheap too.
  • Board Examinations are primarily and dominantly based on the content provided by NCERT.
  • Popular for tackling basic concepts and formulating strong retention in students. This comes handy in most entrance exams like JEE Main and AIPMT.

Must Read NCERT Books

NCERT books for Math

  • If you consider mathematics as abstruse and complicated, it is easy to disprove this notion by using the NCERT books for it. This book explains the core concepts through light examples. If you are one of those who skips the text and jumps right to the questions, it is time to take a step back.
  • The mathematics NCERT books are skillfully tailored to the needs of students who are often stuck in the reasoning behind certain concepts. It helps to understand why a particular procedure is being followed in the particular chapter. Only then can one apply the concepts in the numerical problems.
  • All questions are diverse and arranged in increasing order of difficulty. This ensures that solving the problems from NCERT books will give you a good understanding of the fundamentals. The concepts  in the book are the building blocks for future learning. While you are working to get your concepts sorted, you are already building a solid foundation for the mathematics section in JEE (Main) through NCERT books.

NCERT Books for Science

  • The NCERT books for science are divided into three parts: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One cannot stress enough the importance of learning the core basics of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamic and optics introduced in the NCERT books for physics. These chapters have been designed to reach the laziest of minds and generate interests consequently.
  • The concepts of stoichiometry, introduced in the 9th standard Chemistry book, are useful in college, and honestly, there is no better reference book than NCERT for organic chemistry. So you can bet that questions pertaining to them will show up in your JEE exam.  For all aspiring medical students, it is important for you to know that the biology of life will remain the same, however the learning will keep delving deeper into the cells. Hence it is better to know your macro processes in 9th and 10th to own the micro systems when it is time to take the AIPMT exam!
  • All you need to know for physics, chemistry and biology is condensed in a few pages in the NCERT books. Reading between the lines and mastering the in-text questions, will sort your academic woes concerning these subjects in the near future. This concise property of NCERT books makes it very handy, even during revision.

NCERT books for Social Studies

  • There is no refusing the fact that the Civics NCERT books were best known for their explanation of concepts through clever cartoons, especially those picked up directly from newspapers.
NCERT Books for Social Studies
More powers!
  • The Social Studies NCERT Books are rightfully segregated into History, Geography and Economics, as per the guidelines of CBSE Syllabus. The NCERT Books ensure that you understand that History and economics are important to satiate your curiosity to learn about the events which led India and the rest of the world to reach the current stage. Each chapter of your textbook is explained in depth providing an insight to events and decisions that have shaped the world as we see it. A little attention to your social studies book will also prepare you for the NTSE exams.
  • The geography textbook gives you an in-depth knowledge of every industry of the country and literally the entire geography of each section of India. The history books are laid out chronologically for better understanding of past events, along with analysis of what happened and their impacts.

Once you actually read and understand the NCERT books, you will develop an interest in the subjects with a better grasp. You can head over here to find out whether you should rely on NCERT solutions. That’s all for now. Happy learning!

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