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NCERT English Class 9:

English is an interesting field of study, wherein you get to test your imaginative capabilities. NCERT English Class 9 unravels an interesting set of chapters in the course, which shall help you master your cognitive, oratory and English writing skills. In this knowledge article, you will get acquainted with the CBSE Class 9 English Literature syllabus along with the brief introduction to all these chapters.

NCERT English Class 9 Prose

  • The Fun they had

This story deals with a boy and a girl, Tommy and Margie, who find out something about school in the past time and events that unfold.

  • The Little Girl

This story revolves around a little girl named Kezia and showcases how children accept their parents as persons with their self-personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • The Sound of Music

This story revolves around a deaf girl Evelyn- a multi-percussionist and how she becomes an inspiration for other handicapped students

  • A Truly Beautiful Mind

It is a biographical account of Nobel laureate and scientist Albert Einstein

  • The Snake and the Mirror

It is a story of a doctor who was too proud and arrogant about himself and then the truth of life dawned on life through a snake that engulfed his absolute existence

  • My Childhood

It is an adaptation taken from the autobiographical book, ‘Wings of Fire’ by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

  • Packing

It is a story about three friends George, Harris, and Jerome who decide to go on a holiday and the story revolves around Jerome’s pride in his packing efficiencies

  • Reach for the Top

A story based on Maria Sharapova.

  • The Bond of Love

It is a story of emotional bonding between a woman and a bear.

  • Kathmandu

It is a travelogue by Vikram Seth, which is a description of the two famous temples of Kathmandu– Pashupatinath and the other is the Baudhnath Shrine.

  • If I were you

It is a story about Gerrard is a cultured playwright and his encounter with an intruder

NCERT English Class 9 Poetry

  • The Road Not Taken

The poem is a realistic presentation of the dilemma that every man faces in his life as to which path to follow.

  • Wind

The poem inspires us to face the wind, which symbolically means dealing with the hardships of our lives, courageously and strongly like a wind

  • Rain on the Roof

It’s a poetic saga about the poet’s sweet childhood memories.

  • The Lake Isle of Innisfree

The poem is about an actual place near the coast of Ireland, the Lake Isle of Innisfree, which is a small, uninhabited island on the lake Lough Gill and the poets desire to build a small cabin here.

  • A Legend of the Northland

This poem is about a famous story of Northland about an old lady who was turned into a woodpecker as she angered Saint Peter because of her greed.

  • No Men Are Foreign

The poem is an ardent reminder to everyone that no human being is strange or different.

  • The Duck and the Kangaroo

It is a sweet conversation between two friends a duck and a kangaroo.

  • On Killing a Tree

This poem showcases the brutal act of killing a tree which requires a lot of effort to uproot the trees than to just merely hack it with an axe.

  • The Snake Trying

It’s an endeavor to state that not all snakes are poisonous and even if it is, it will do no harm unless it suspects any danger from us.

  • A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

It is an imagination of the poet of his beloved after her death.

  • The Brook

It is written in an autobiographical note, it showcases the role of the poet and the journey through various ups and downs

  • The Solitary Reaper

One of the renowned Williams Wordsworth poem it is about the delight a simple peasant girl derives from nature and how the entire atmosphere glees up with her vibes.

  • Lord Ullin’s Daughter

It is a ballad narrating the tragic story of two unfortunate lovers with a not so happy ending.

  • The Seven Ages

It is an excerpt, representing the seven acts like seven stages in a man’s life.

  • Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After My Teeth

One of the renowned comic poems it’s a saga of how the poetess wishes she had looked after her teeth in her childhood.

  • Song of the Rain

This poem points out the beauty of rain and the aesthetic aspect of rain in context of nature


NCERT English Class 9 Literature Reader

  • How I taught my grandmother to read

It is a story about a young girl who helps her grandmother to fulfill her desire to learn Kannada alphabets.

  • A Dog Named Duke

It is a story about a dog and its master, a tale of how Duke-the dog helped his master in his struggle.

  • The Man who knew too Much

It is a story about the experience of the writer and his friends with a peculiar guy named Private Quelch.

  • Keeping it from Harold

It is about how Harold’s parents hide his father’s profession from him and ultimately how Harold gets to know about it and his ultimate reaction to it.

  • Best Seller

It deals with the life of a business worker of a plate and glass company who believes that fictions are unrealistic and according to him a man always marries a girl of the same background.

  • Villa for Sale

A drama written by Sacha Guitry, it is about a lady Juliette who has put up her Villa on sale but hasn’t got any buyers until one day she gets a call.

  • The Bishop’s Candlesticks

It is a beautiful tale about love and compassion of the Bishop who transformed a convict to a man of promise, leading a good life.

This was our article on NCERT English Class 9. If you want to download free NCERT Books in related subjects for your academics, visit here.

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