NCERT offers a very interactive interface for a student to learn and get a good grasp of the basics. All the schools under CBSE follows NCERT’s books. Promoting ‘Standardization’, it makes it easier to discuss one’s doubts and concerns over various platforms online and offline. The syllabus is very well organized with each class teaching you something new which is just appropriate for one’s brain to understand being at that level. NCERT’s pattern never focuses on making one solve fancy problems but is more about getting the basics right. Every chapter in NCERT Solutions for Class 9, teaches you from the very beginning of the topic and takes you into its depth. The exercise provided at the end of a chapter serves as the best explanation one can have. It helps one look at the entire chapter from a distance and concludes what they have learned and missed out.

Each NCERT chapter is followed by an exercise. Where you may get most of the answers by yourselves, provided that you went thoroughly with the reading material, some of the questions are tricky and you might get stuck at them. However, Nothing to worry here. As mentioned earlier, NCERT offers a very interactive interface. It’s much much easier to resolve a doubt when everyone has the same material.

This article consists of NCERT solutions for class 9. Class 9 is possibly the toughest class in the first half of education. It is the first major shift in education pattern that CBSE students face. Class 9th should be studied with the most care. It develops the brain for all the competitions that are coming towards oneself in future.If you’re stuck on any of the chapters in any of the subject, this is the place to be. Click on the links below and it should initiate a download of PDF file. Save the PDF file to your desired location and kill the doubt that is killing you.


Maths NCERT Solutions for Class 9:

Chapter 1 – Number Systems
Chapter 2 – Polynomials
Chapter 3 – Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 5 – Introduction to Euclids Geometry
Chapter 6 – Lines and Angles
Chapter 7 – Triangles
Chapter 8 – Quadrilaterals
Chapter 9 – Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
Chapter 10 – Circles
Chapter 11 – Constructions
Chapter 12 – Heron’s Formula
Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 14 – Statistics
Chapter 15 – Probability

Science NCERT Solutions for Class 9:

Chapter 1 – Matter in Our Surroundings
Chapter 2 – Is Matter Around Us Pure
Chapter 3 – Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 4 – Structure of The Atom
Chapter 5 – The Fundamental Unit of Life
Chapter 6 – Tissues
Chapter 7 – Diversity in Living Organisms
Chapter 8 – Motion
Chapter 9 – Force and Laws of Motion
Chapter 10 – Gravitation
Chapter 11 – Work and Energy
Chapter 12 – Sound
Chapter 13 – Why Do We Fall ill
Chapter 14 – Natural Resources
Chapter 15 – Improvement in Food Resources

Social Science NCERT Solutions for Class 9:

Democratic Politics
India and the Contemporary World – I
Contemporary India

English NCERT Solutions for Class 9:

Beehive – Chapters

Chapter 1 – The Fun They Had
Chapter 2 – The Sound of Music
Chapter 3 – The Little Girl
Chapter 4 – A Truly Beautiful Mind
Chapter 5 – The Snake and The Minor
Chapter 6 – My Childhood
Chapter 7 – Packing
Chapter 8 – Reach for the Top
Chapter 9 – The Bond of Love
Chapter 10 – Kathmandu
Chapter 11 – If I Were You

Beehive – Poetry

Chapter 1 – The Road Not Taken
Chapter 2 – Wind
Chapter 3 – Rain On The Roof
Chapter 4 – The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Chapter 5 – A Legend of The Northland
Chapter 6 – No Men Are Foreign
Chapter 7 – The Duck and the Kangaroos
Chapter 8 – On Killing A Tree
Chapter 9 – The Snake Trying
Chapter 10 – A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal


Chapter 1 – The Lost Child
Chapter 2 – The Adventure of Toto
Chapter 3 – Iswaran The Storyteller
Chapter 4 – In The Kingdom of Fools
Chapter 5 – The Happy Prince
Chapter 6 – Weathering The Storm in Ersama
Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf
Chapter 8 – A House is Not a Home
Chapter 9 – The Accidental Tourist
Chapter 10 – The Beggar

We hope you found what you were looking for!

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