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National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organisation of the Government of India.

The design of the NCERT logo is quite interesting. The logo of the NCERT shows hansa, the swan, a symbol of the pursuit of knowledge. The three intertwined swans symbolize the three major aspects of the Council: Research & Development, Training and Extension (dissemination).

The motto of NCERT is

विद्यया अमृतमश्नुते |

It has been taken from the Isavasya Upanishad and it has a beautiful meaning Life eternal through learning.

Why NCERT was established?

The NCERT  was established with the agenda to design and support a common system of education which also encourages the diverse culture across the country. NCERT is an implementation agency for bilateral cultural exchange programs with other countries in the field of school education in addition to research & development, training, extension, publication and dissemination activities,. It was established on 1 September 1961 as a literary, scientific and charitable Society under the Societies’ Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860).

NCERT Syllabus

The syllabus of NCERT books is designed by educational experts and renowned educationalist. It is designed in such a way that starts from the basic, strengthen it and then dives deep into the topic.

The syllabus is very well organized with each progressive class teaching you something new which is just appropriate for one’s age to understand. The exercise provided at the end of a chapter serves as the complete summarisation of a respective chapter. It helps one look at the entire chapter from a distance and concludes what they have learned and missed out.

Syllabus for Class 9 & Class 10


NCERT publishes books & provides sample question papers that are used in government and private schools across India that follow the CBSE curriculum.

These books are recommended by CBSE. Around 19 school boards have also adopted or adapted the books. These textbooks are printed in color and are amongst the least expensive books in Indian bookstores. The textbooks are nominally priced at ₹ 50 up to class VIII.

We help you understand why NCERT books are at the top of its game in few factors. Visit us to learn all the topics using interesting video lectures. It also prescribes the syllabus for competitive exams like JEE & NEET.

All classes NCERT text books and solutions can be downloaded from here.

According to a government policy decision in 2017, the NCERT has the exclusive task of publishing central text books from 2018, and the role of CBSE will be limited to conducting examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am studying from NCERT books and I have completed the latest CBSE Sample Papers. Will I be able to score good marks (say 80% or more)?

Ans. Marks scored by any student depend upon their preparation and performance during the examination. The students are advised to remain focused and do their best. But reading NCERTs would make you strong in the fundamentals, which can directly or indirectly help you answer many questions.

What’s the best way to read the NCERT books?

Ans. Go through the questions at the end of each chapter and then read the chapter. This would help understand the comparative significance of each topic and event, and questions are more likely to be asked from important topics.

Do I need to make notes of NCERT books?

Ans. Just highlight the important points and revise them at a later stage of preparation.

How many times should I read NCERT books?

Ans. It completely depends on your grasping power. Anyhow, just don’t keep it for the last minute. It should be read and understood at least 3 months before the prelims. Keep a target before starting and try to stick to it so that you don’t lose focus.

How does the textbook help in competitive exams?

Ans. NCERT books are very important for preparation of the exam in general and for clearing out the theoretical concepts in particular. However, NCERT books needs to be substantiated by practice books. One should start with NCERT books and must be followed by rigorous practice through reference books

Most of the competitive exams viz. NEET, JEE etc. follows NCERT books for designing of exam. There are many questions which are either directly fetched from these books or follow a similar pattern. Numerical based questions are also influenced by the NCERT syllabus.

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