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The AIPMT – or NEET, as of this year – took place on 1st of May, 2016 as scheduled and approximately 6.25 lakh students sat for the examination. As per new orders from the Supreme Court, the pre-medical test will be replaced by NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) from this year onward. As for 2016, NEET will be held on 24th of July. It is to be conducted in two phases – NEET Phase 1 and NEET Phase 2, the latter of which is to be held on 24th July.

As mentioned above, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is the country’s sole medical entrance examination, through which all medical colleges, run by the central and state governments, as well as private institutions and minority institutions, will admit students. The AIPMT is now considered as NEET Phase 1 or simply NEET 1 for students who appeared in it, while the one to be held on 24th of July will be known as NEET Phase 2.

While the clock ticks faster every day, brushing up your preparations has become a precursor to your performance in NEET Phase 2. To help you in these last days of your struggle, we are here to ease your journey and reach the final point with efficiency. Read on!

NEET Phase 2: Gearing Up For One Last Month

  • Formula-Formulae: Remembering formulae and chemical equations can be challenging at times. A week before the exam, keep revising these everyday so as to keep them fresh in your mind as you approach closer to the day of exam. Basic, formula or chemical equation based questions are solid marks scoring flags which you must pick in the race.
  • Simulating examination: Take help of previous years’ question papers, mock test papers, and of course, test series, and practice them under timed conditions. It is also important to adapt your body clock to the examination timings so that you can deliver your best in that duration. The more you are stick to time restrictions, the better equipped you are to handle your performance in the exam. Head over here to find Toppr practice test papers, and right over here for clearing your doubts in the discussion forum.
  • Time Management: As you already know by now, time management during the exam is one of the most essential part of your performance in the exam. Now is the time you can further figure out ways to make the optimum use of the time. This helps you understand how much time to allot to a question and when to skip one. In any circumstance, we have to see the larger picture and delegate time and effort very smartly.
  • Focus on your strengths: Most of the students’ mindset while preparing for any exam, would be to concentrate more on the concepts you are weak in. But when you have got only a month to prepare for an examination where you get only a minute per question, going the other way around and focusing on your strengths first would be the key. Strengthening the concepts you already know would help you ensure that you don’t falter on questions you could have otherwise done correctly. Moreover, you will be left with more time to think upon the question you are not completely sure about.
  • Revision notes: Lastly, make proper notes of concepts that require regular revision. These could be mathematical formulae or important chemical reactions; basically, anything that is important and is expected to be remembered for the exam. These notes help you in your last minute preparation and helps you to quickly go through the concepts.

Spend the last few days of your preparation without stress, sufficient sleep and waking up with confidence. Stay positive, healthy and strong and win the race. All the best!

The final month is the best time to start solving sample question papers. Read more about it here.

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