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Earlier, the Government sent shock-waves across the student community by scrapping the state based entrance tests, and instating NEET in their place. In yet another dramatic turn of events, the Government has approved an ordinance that will keep the State-based medical colleges out of the NEET for this one year. This latest twist and chop is just another in a series of twists and chops brought about in the Medical Entrance test in the previous 2-3 years. The Government on Friday approved promulgation of an ordinance to keep state boards out of the ambit of uniform medical entrance examination, NEET, for one academic year.

NEET had initially been ushered in so as to put an end to the corruption that takes place in many State Entrance examinations. However, the two-phase exam, whose one phase has already been conducted on 1st May, faced severe opposition from students and parents alike. There was also severe opposition from states who say their syllabus is completely different and their students will be at a loss compared to those who have followed the central board . The common concern of all the parties opposing NEET, though, was the short notice given to those students who had been focusing on State Entrance exams throughout their preparation.

In a nutshell, the changes- for this year- that the ordinance brings forth are these:

1) Only CENTRAL colleges and PRIVATE medical colleges to give admission this year via NEET- which will still be conducted in the two-phase system initially proposed for this year.

2) All State colleges to be exempt from admission through NEET for this academic session.

3) ALL medical colleges– private, central or state based- to provide admission under NEET from the next academic session.

Technically, this gives time to those students who had been preparing exclusively for State Entrances to re-orient their preparations towards NEET. Despite the temporary reprieve brought about for those who aimed previously at State Entrance exams, the future presents a sorry sight for ALL medical aspirants, with constant changes wreaking havoc on any preparation. The top court had earlier turned down petitions seeking permission to hold separate admission tests for medical colleges.

That’s all for now. We wish you all the best in your preparations.

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