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Every time we start anew, we’re just a little bit terrified. We’re apprehensive about what the future holds. A new beginning isn’t just a new year. A new beginning is every time that we rise after a fall. A new beginning is waking up every day with determination to do better.

That’s what got the biggest names to their current stature…

Vera Wang

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This fashion icon wasn’t what you’d expect in her childhood. Since the age of 8 her heart was set on roller blades rather than hem lines. She loved figure skating, infact she competed at several national level competitions. She was even featured on Sports Illustrated for her skill, however, as fate would have it, she didn’t make it to the US Olympics. She decided to take a different career route, that of journalism, she was hired as the editor of Vogue, where she spend 14 years. It was only at 40 Vera realized her true calling. She left Vogue, in favour of Ralph Lauren, immediately after she designed her own wedding dress. That’s when the stars aligned for Wang. Today, none of us can dream of owning a Vera Wang dress, all because she grabbed her new beginning by the horns and made a difference.


Tim and Nina Zagat

Nina and Tim Zagat
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We’ve use one or another food app to check out restaurants around us, but what happened before these apps existed? In the US, there was the Zagat Guide, the foundation of such apps. It was a guide book with listing of restaurants, according to area and rating. Tim and Nina were corporate lawyers, with a love for food. They moved to Paris to practice corporate law, but soon became fascinated by Parisian cuisine. They started making a list of restaurants they loved, their favourite dish and what they loved about the place. They thought maybe their personal guide might be something everyone would benefit from. So they did some research about restaurants in New York and published a complete restaurant guide called Zagat. It sold over 40,000 copies and they quit their day jobs to finally live their dream.


Julia Child

Julia Child
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Another connoisseur of great cuisine was Julia Child. She only learned how to cook when she married her husband, Paul. When the war ensued, Julia tried to enlist in the Navy, however she was rejected on account of being too tall. She didn’t give up, she started working her way into another department called, OSS. People around her realized her true potential and soon she was working in the Secret Intelligence Division. Her love affair with Paris began after the war, she and her husband moved to Paris because of his work. With no secret service work to keep her occupied, she turned to the culinary streets of Paris. She enrolled herself in Le Cordon Bleu, cooking school and study with the best chefs. She along with three other women published ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’, which was a huge success.


Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders
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He started work at an early age as a farmhand. He went on to operate a successful ferry service, before he sold it admitting he wasn’t very good at it. He held many jobs from there on, but none of them really stuck. It was in the motel business that he found recognition. His motel burned down, but he reconstructed it, until he was forced to sell it once the war began. It was in this motel business that he perfected his recipe for fried chicken. This secret recipe was rejected by several restaurants, until it became the most successful international franchise, KFC.

Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh
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He wasn’t able to walk until the age of 5. He loved running but he gave priority to building his life. Tragedy followed him everywhere. He lost his son, his wife and his daughter all within a period of 5 years. He needed to channel his pain in the right direction, so he took up running again. The boy who couldn’t walk short distance when he was younger, became the 93 year old man who completed 26.2 miles in 6 hours and 54 minutes, making a new world record.




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