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In recent times, the reshuffling of the cabinet ministers, as well as the introduction of new ministers took everybody by surprise. The most notable change was the selection of new MHRD Prakash Javadekar, who took over the reins of MHRD from Smriti Irani, now the Minister of Textiles. The decision has been praised and equally criticized by many. But the question remains whether Mr. Prakash Javadekar is the right choice as the Minister for Human Resource Development (MHRD).

New MHRD Prakash Javdekar

First and foremost, the reason why Smriti Irani was widely criticized when she was appointed as the Minister for Human Resource Development was the fact that she had no formal education after class 12. However, Prakash Javadekar ticks all the boxes when it comes to education. He has a degree in commerce from the University of Pune. His sister is a school teacher; his wife is a leading education researcher while his sons are also in the education industry. Thus, he has an upper hand for making important decisions and implementing better strategies for the development of the country.

Moreover, our new MHRD Prakash Javadekar is known for taking speedy decisions. Earlier, he used to work in consonance with the Prime Minister’s vision and strategy for the environment. During Smriti Irani’s regime, her ministry blocked autonomy drives at IIMs while the PMO wanted complete liberalization at the universities. But Prakash Javadekar is capable of working in accordance with the PMO.

The new minister, Prakash Javadekar has been actively involved in student movements and agitations. This gives him an edge to tackle the unrest in various college campuses that has left a blot in India’s educational system. The ministry headed by Smriti Irani was at a loss of ideas that led to protests by students. Prakash Javadekar has announced officially that the key to avoiding agitations is communication, and he is open to suggestions or feedback.

However, he would definitely need to prove himself before we can jump to any form of conclusion. It’s too early to gauge the efficiency or negative aspects of his approach. He was also once criticized for compromising on the environmental interests to implement the PMO’s plan. Thus, he needs to learn that only a degree or formal education does not guarantee good leadership.

Javadekar, also a former journalist, strongly believes that our education system needs to be more innovative to cater to the ever-growing needs of students. Hope he manages to steer clear of the mistakes Smriti Irani had made and reinvent the education for the country’s benefit.

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