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The Government of India is always taking initiatives to impart education to the remotest corners of the country since education is the base of any country’s prosperity. There are a lot of children out there who are struggling to make two ends meet and hence do not have the time to go to school during the prescribed school hours. So for those who wish to continue their education along with earning bread and butter for themselves and their family, a very basic step would be to get a NIOS registration done.

What is NIOS and how does it work?

It was in the month of November of the year, 1989 that the National Institute of Opening School or the NIOS was founded. This was an initiative by the MHRD or the Ministry of Human Resource Development and has been growing ever since. Through the NIOS, children from all over the country can register and pursue their education through a different mode of self-learning. Not only does one get to educate themselves at their own convenience but one can also explore a new method of learning, which lies outside the purview of classroom teaching. The main aim of the NIOS is to make sure that no child remains deprived of the access to education. Once you get a NIOS registration done then you will be able to access a variety of courses ranging from General Academic ones to even community oriented, life enrichment and vocational training. Thus the courses that are offered aim at building a self-sufficient, independent and educated individual, which any other school program wishes to do. You have the option of picking your courses and even taking up additional subjects if you so wish. The entire administrative process functions based on a distance and open learning system where modules are handed over to the candidates and they will have to sit for exams which are grade level, at the end of each module. On qualifying these examinations, a successful candidate will be given certificate which is equivalent to those given by other national boards like the CISCE and the CBSE. Thus if you want to avail the opportunity of gaining a wholesome and all-round education and training, then you can start the process with a NIOS registration.

Courses and programmes offered by the NIOS         

Let us take a detailed look at what are the various courses that are offered by the NIOS.

  1. Life Enrichment Programmes: NIOS understands that there is a need for an all-around training in order for an individual to be successful in their professional field. There are various courses which are offered for women empowerment like the Paripurna Mahila, courses in Indian music, physical training exercises like yoga and many others.
  2. Vocational training: Specialised training in various skills are essential for different job sectors. Hence NIOS also offers various vocational training courses in fields like Business, commerce and accounts, agriculture, animal husbandry, training programmes on becoming teachers, training for hospitality, certain health sectors, primarily training for paramedics etc. The students can choose from more than 100 options when it comes to these vocational training courses and train themselves in the career field that they are interested in pursuing.
  3. Academic Courses: If you want to pursue your education at the higher secondary and secondary levels then you can get your NIOS registration done as well since they offer basically two academic courses, one being similar to that of class X and the other being similar to that of class XII.
  4. OBE or Open Basic Education: This course, which is no different than the formal training and courses that one gets at regular schools is also offered at three different levels. There is OBE ‘A’ level course which is similar to that of class III, the second known as the OBE ‘B’ level course which is similar to that of class V and the third known as the OBE ‘C’ level course which is similar to that of class VIII.

How to get an admission to these programmes?

Admissions and the process of registration open at different periods of the year, for which notices are circulated both online and offline. Deadlines and application dates are scheduled from before. If need be, there is also the provision for candidates taking a late submission with the payment of late fees within a pre-given deadline. Let us take a look at how one can successfully get their NIOS registration done and start availing its various courses:

The three ways through which you can get your NIOS registration done are:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
 Any willing candidate can visit the official homepage of the NIOS website, get hold of the online form, fill it up and submit it within the mentioned deadline. One can also approach the Common Services Centre of the GOI and ask for their help when it comes to the process of online registration and the payment of necessary fees. Regional centres are set up during the time window of the registration periods. One can visit these centres and take their help to complete their online registration process. Facilitation centre or study centres are set up by the NIOS in various places which can help you out with the registration process.

It is important to remember that once you have been registered with the NIOS, you will continue to be a registered student for 5 years, after which if you wish to continue further you will need to register yourself again.

Benefits of getting a NIOS registration done

All those who have to manage a daytime job and continue with their education can now pursue their career by getting access to education any time they want.

There are a few students who wish for a rigorous training for the various competitive exams which are also provided by NIOS.

The ones who have their NIOS registration done can easily access vocational courses and various life enrichment programmes that will cover all the aspects of an all-round education.

One will get a lot of choices to pick from and the courses are available in different Indian languages.

So, if you want to spread your wings and make the best of a self-trained education, then you can seriously consider registering with the NIOS. To keep an eye on further updates regarding other training programmes, follow us here!

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