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No more MCQs in JEE Advanced from 2018!

It was only recently that the joint admission board (JAB), which conducts the JEE advanced examination, came up with the decision of conducting the next year’s JEE-Advanced online. And just days after that decision, the JAB has made yet another important and notable change in the pattern and type of the questions in JEE-Advanced 2018. As per the latest news, JAB is planning to have no more MCQs in JEE Advanced and replace them with short answer questions which will require the candidates attempting the exam to type the answer.

Disadvantages of MCQ type questions :-

In all of the JEE-Advanced exams conducted till date, especially during the past 10 years, majority of the questions would constitute of multiple-choice type questions. Students had to mark the correct option/s of all the options given below the question. However, even though these type of questions were tricky at times and negative marking being there, the students always had an opportunity to take a guess and try their luck. Apart from guessing, the correct answer could also be derived by elimination technique and various other tricks and methods employed by students in order to secure full marks in a particular question. This at times might prove unfair for students who are prepared well and also does not always justify the essence of JEE-Advanced exam of testing the students knowledge and problem solving skills.

Introduction of Short-answer type questions :-

With the introduction of short-answer type questions, the aforementioned disadvantages of multiple choice type questions could be countered and would also limit the options of getting the correct answer in ways other than solving the question sincerely and using correct methodology. This will also give the paper setters more relaxation and liberty in framing questions. They will be able to frame a variety of questions that will test the candidate’s conceptual knowledge and problem solving skills in a better and efficient way.

Since the mode of examination is to be online, this new pattern will require students to type the answers using keyboard provided to them. It is important that in spite of new pattern of questions, the possibility of the main exam comprising of a few MCQ type questions can’t be completely ruled out unless there is an official announcement from the JAB regarding it. That’s all about this new pattern of JEE-Advanced, keep following Toppr and be updated with all the other important news about JEE-Advanced.

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