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What is the Norm-Referenced Test?

A norm-referenced test is a uniform test. It ranks and compares students in relation to one another. Also, they measure performance on the basis of the theoretical average. Besides, it compares the result of a statistically selected group.

In simple words, norm reference tests compare student’s performance with others. Also, they all have taken the same test and assessment. Besides, norm reference test calculating process is known as “norm process”. And its compare group is “norming group”.

Meaning of Norm-referenced Test

It determines the position of students. Also, it assesses their performance and measures their behavior. These guesses derive from analysis test scores. This identifies students test is better or worse than others.

example of norm reference test

Characteristics of the Norm-referenced test

The characteristics of the norm reference test are as follows:

1. Defining

They measure the performance of a student in comparison to all students. But it does not define the meaning of all. Thus, they measure the success of an educational restructuring against fixed aims.

2. Preset results

It means that the norms were traditionally set. And the score level is set at 50 percent. But, this goal is really high to achieve if we talk about all the students.

3. Quality of Grades

The norms for grading are set by teachers according to them. But they have to judge the performance of students. Also, the level of knowledge of both is different.

4. Changing Difficulty level

The difficulty level of scores changes from year to year. Also, the passing rates of students vary from class to class. Likewise, 4th grade has different difficulty level and 10th grade has a different difficulty level.

5. Fear of Failure

In norm reference test the students have fear of failure. Besides, it compares their performance with other students.

6. Be competitive

Give students a chance to improve their performance. Also, students can know how much they have to prepare to compete with others.

7. Being self-confident

It means that students should take their performance confidently. Also, they should work hard to improve their performance.

What is Criterion-referenced Test?

Extent and assessment of criterion and norm-referenced test

Basis Norm-Referenced Tests Criterion-Referenced Test
Purpose Rank students with respects to their achievements.

Tell apart between high and low-grade achievers.

Decide whether students have achieved the skills or not.

Also, find about how much students know before and after instructions has been given.

Content Deals with broad skills areas with samples from a variety of textbooks. Deals with a specific skill which make a chosen course of study.
Characteristics of items These skills tests on less than four items.

Their difficulty level varies from others.

Items tell apart high and low grades.

These skills tests on at least four items to obtain an adequate sample.

These all are parallel in difficulty.

explanation of scores Compare each individual test giver with other test givers. Expresses scores in percentage or an equal grade.

Achievement report of students is for broad areas. But some report for individual skills.

Judges each individual performance on the basis of set standards.

Achievement report of students is for individual skills.

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