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Note-taking strategies are an important way of succeeding at school. Students should give lots of time to reviewing class information. As such taking notes is very important. This is because, without notes, it would be very difficult to remember details. Most noteworthy, most people don’t realize how quickly memory can fade.

Studies show that 47% of the information escapes minds in the first twenty minutes. Furthermore, 62% of the information vanishes from the mind after the first day. Therefore, taking high-quality notes is very important for learning.

Student making notes by note taking strategies

Why Note-taking Strategies are Important?

  • Note-taking strategies are certainly a very important tool in learning. Strategies for taking high-quality note are important because:
  • Ensures active listening to what the teacher is saying.
  • It requires a student to think about information when writing.
  • A student can make connections between different connections.
  • It serves as a quality source material for later learning.
  • It helps a student to remember the topic better when key points of lecture are written down.
  • The student gets an idea of what the teacher considers important or not. Hence, the student can focus more on important topics.
  • Writing and listening at the same time can help students to better memorize.
  • High-quality notes help students to spend more time on difficult topics later.

4 Note-taking Strategies Every Student Should Know

The following is an explanation of strategies for taking high-quality notes.

  • List method
  • Outline method
  • Concept map strategy
  • Cornell strategy

List method

First of all, this strategy is not the best choice. This is because it focuses on capturing as much information as possible. It does not focus on processing the information.

Students who don’t have good study skills use this method. This strategy is easy and simple. This is because it involves only writing as much lecture information as possible.

Outline method

This strategy allows the student to prioritize information. So here important ideas appear on the left side of the page. Then subordinate ideas are indented and their details are indented too. A numbering system is very important like Roman or Arabic.

Most noteworthy, this can be a difficult strategy at first. So, it will take time and experience to understand it efficiently.

Concept Map strategy

This is the most graphic strategy among note-taking strategies. Here students can easily understand the connection between ideas. Use of visual sense is made to understand difficult material. Here complex material can be quickly understood by a glance.

One can move from one idea to another easily. A circle exists in the middle of the page. Then an idea from the lecture appears in the middle of the circle. Then one must draw branches of that circle containing more details. The branches must have a relationship to other branches. Such related branches must have something common.

Similarly, create a new circle whenever a new idea comes. Also, create similar branches of this new circle. Related circles should have a link. One must use arrows or symbols to show the relationship between ideas.

Cornell Strategy

This is the most useful strategy. Hence, it is most recommended by most schools and colleges. In the Cornell method, there are 4 boxes: 1 header, 2 columns, and 1 footer. The header is a small box at top of the page. Here appear the name and date. Then there are two columns beneath the header. There is a narrow column on the left and a wide one on the right.

The right column is the notes column where the writing of notes takes place. In contrast, the left column has the name cue column. The use of the left column is for writing ideas, keywords, questions, and notes. Finally, the footer is present for writing a summary in own words. The footer has a box to write a summary.

This summary is very important for remembering key points. Hence, the Cornell strategy is the best for taking high-quality notes.

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