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JEE is a mystery, and the more you try to understand the intricacies of the mystery that it is, the more you tend to fall in love with it. The beauty of it is manifested in the tunes of numbers and numericals where you are brought in contact with the shrewdest of questions and left alone without life-saving choices. Yes, you do have options, but sometimes they can be confusing too. This brings us to discuss the JEE Numericals a bit more in detail.

Apart from the general caution of care to approach the ubiquitous questions, I would like to analyze it in three different perspectives respective to the subjects of choice. Here the understanding of the trick is more important than solving the actual question.il_340x270.509575084_ilia

Tips for solving numericals in JEE:

Physics –

  • At times, the question might be involving a concocted equation of jargons; so understand the units involved and see if you can dig through.
  • Then, come to the basics of numbers and fractions in questions. For example, if kinetic energy is involved give a thought to a division by 2 or a division of 6 for viscosity and fluid dynamics. This is very informal, but works wonders.
  • Understand the tricks as well, where a seemingly difficult question out of bounds might be crying out a zero for answer.

Chemistry –

  • This is the trickiest of all with several options in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry to choose from.
  • Physical Chemistry is simple with the question straight to be done with formula, but checking the sign is of paramount importance given that, at times, it asks to write the answer in a particular manner.
  • For the subjective sections, go through each option meticulously, answering why you should not consider that as a part of your number count.

Mathematics –

  • This is where the ploy of the commoners fails. My suggestion would be going through every single question with ample time in your hands.
  • Read the question carefully for any traps, and having confirmed the status of the question, form a mental picture of the approach.
  • For a question from geometry, ‘draw’, and ‘draw’ with the question. With a visual approach, you shall be two steps closer to the solution.

The numericals also need to be carefully checked for the way they need to be answered. At times, it is a sum of the digits or the product. Be careful with that as well, and practice a lot!

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