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Did you know, June 8 is celebrated as the World Oceans Day? On this day, we bring you some thought provoking insights on Ocean pollution.

Ocean Pollution:

Ocean pollution is mainly caused by human activities which has had an impact on every square mile of the oceans present on Earth. Ocean pollution or pollution of water bodies has an adverse effect on marine life as well as on the lives of human beings living on the Earth. At present, garbage dumping, collection of all sorts of toxic wastes and materials, industrial wastes and oil spills in the ocean are having a huge negative impact on marine life. Oceans are the largest natural water sources and therefore it is important to take care of oceans along with the marine life found thriving in water bodies. This is one responsibility that should be taken up by every individual on this planet.


The Causes of Ocean Pollution

There are many causes leading to the pollution of oceans on the Earth which is having a negative impact on human beings and marine life as well. Some of the major causes of ocean pollution have been enumerated below:

  • The deliberate as well as accidental crude oil discharge into the oceans is one of the major causes of ocean pollution. Crude oil discharges are usually made by the cargo ships taking a toll on the several water bodies.
  • Another major cause of ocean pollution is the dumping of toxic materials, industrial wastes and chemicals into the oceans. These wastes generally contain dangerous and harmful materials like dioxin, PAHs, PCBs, radioactive materials and mercury. A’’ these materials together contaminate the ocean water.
  • Ocean pollution is also caused by the deposition of sediments owing to mining procedures practiced throughout the world.
  • Trash which is washed in the oceans post floods or heavy rainfall results in the buildup of marine debris. This marine debris which is a result of trash from floods and rainfall pollutes the water bodies.
  • Dumping human wastes, disposal of partially treated and untreated sewage water and plastic into the oceans is referred to as garbage dumping which is one of the most important causes of ocean pollution.
  • The carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles and due to the burning of several fossil fuels is considered one of the major causes of air pollution. This contaminated air contains carbon dioxide and it reaches the ocean front as acid rain. This is probably one of the causes behind the ocean water getting polluted.

Effects of Ocean Pollution

If you want to understand the causes of ocean pollution in a detailed manner then it is important for you to have a basic understanding of the effects that these causes can have. The effects of ocean pollution have been enumerated below:

  • Oil spilling is very dangerous for marine life. Oil spills affect the life cycles of the coral reefs found in the ocean bed. Oil spills can also clog up the gills found in fishes which can prevent proper respiration. The process of oil spilling in the ocean also affects the photosynthesis procedure of the marine plants because it blocks sunlight.
  • Toxic wastes pose a threat to marine life affecting human beings in an indirect manner. These poisonous chemicals can be consumed by fishes and if these fishes are taken by human beings, they could suffer from food poisoning.
  • Garbage dumping can result in the depletion of oxygen which gets dissolved in ocean water. This can have a negative impact on the health of marine lives. Sea animals like seals, whales, dolphins, herrings, sharks and penguins could perish due to the lack of proper oxygen.
  • Carbon dioxide is very dangerous for life in the ocean including the free-swimming algae and the coral reefs.

Ocean pollution will affect our health. If you can’t think of the oceans, think of your own health.

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