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Let’s erase our memory for a while. Argh! Drag yourself out of the 9-5 job rut, standard work hours, confinement to one location and pain of smiling at that boss you hate. If you are stuck in that dead-end job that you don’t particularly want and are mostly cribbing about your pay cheque, it’s time to earn some moolah the unconventional way. Yes, that means freedom from that office cubicle and pile of explosive papers (pun intended). Luckily, there are some untrodden paths that are guaranteed to put the enjoyment back in employment. Keep reading for the list on offbeat career options that are trending worldwide.

Offbeat Career Options That Are Trending Worldwide

I’ve been meaning to come up with a practical, handy list of my favorite offbeat career options trending worldwide for some time now. These careers are mostly self-directive, meaning that you are mostly working for yourself in the end.

Of course, these are unusual jobs. But then, the conventional options are usually boring, aren’t they?

Dance Counselor

It’s all about dancing away to glory. Dance therapy is the soothing use of movement to support intellectual and emotional functions of the body. There are also organizations such as the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India that offer sessions in dance and movement therapy. How it works? Amidst the hullabaloo of responsibilities, it helps deal with stress and anxiety better. This technique is not plain dance teaching. The therapists are trained professionals to assess an individual’s needs and traumas.

Pet Groomer

If you have an inherent liking and love for all kinds of animals, pet grooming will be the balm for your wounds. In this tiring, chaotic world, people find it very difficult to take care of their pets and that’s what pet groomers cater to. The job involves enhancing the hygiene and appearance of pets by bathing, cleaning of teeth, ears, trimming of nails, hair, etc. It’s mostly for cats and dogs, but sometimes you might have to look after rabbits and horses. Today, pet groomers are in high demand as more and more pet owners are looking for professional care of their pet’s well-being. This is the best offbeat career options amonst all, isn’t it?

Food Taster

Tired of people telling you to stop eating? Do you have a perpetual craving for any kind of food? There’s some good news, folks. Yes, you can get paid for eating too! Most major food-producing corporations, right from ice cream companies to cereal makers, need a team of tasters. All you need is a good taste bud to get things rolling. Being a food taster is fun, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are proper tests conducted to hire people for this role. This profession pays as good as any corporate job. Amazing, isn’t it!

Greeting Card Writer

Remember those long, pondering moments of selecting that perfect card for your loved ones at Archies? When it comes to greeting cards, the words make a hell of a difference. Ever wondered who writes those lines that instantly make you feel a gush of emotions and put a smile on your face? If you are creative, can understand people’s feelings and are a master of words, greeting card companies are looking for you. This high-paying job is sure to satisfy the writer within you.

Personal Shopper

For all you shopaholics out there, listen up close. Personal shoppers are making headlines worldwide. What’s better than getting paid for shopping? Won’t that be absolutely fantastic? Hiring a ‘personal shopper’ is the new ‘it’ word. Whether it’s shopping for weddings, birthdays or parties, we often find ourselves living on the edge and at the lack of time. That’s when personal shoppers come in handy. They help you decide the overall look for an occasion; of course, keeping in mind your style and preferences.

No two people are the same. Hence, it is bizarre to think that a couple of traditional professions can satiate your professional thirst. There’s absolutely no reason for you to confine yourself to the run-of-the-mill career options. If you are looking for creative satisfaction, flexibility, an opportunity to prove yourself and a good pay package, why not jump on the bandwagon of these offbeat professions that are trending worldwide?

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